A new stage

Pirogov came to Dorpat, armed only book learning. More surprising was his achievements in the practice of surgery and anatomy. "Doctor-neonatal not only useless but harmful" - this charge he remembered well. But Pirogov selfless studied this science is not for its own sake. He went beyond what was learned unit of the human body.
Pirogov joined anatomy and surgery, and, if he didn't do anymore, alone might not be enough in the history of medicine, his name has become a landmark separating one turn of its development from the other.
But do not think that this is simple: take two halves and create from them a whole.
Surgical anatomy of the Pirogov - a new branch of medicine, the development and approval of which its Creator took the whole life.
The first step in this direction he has made in 1829, when passed to the contest in my essay, "What is observed when bandaging large arteries?". Answering the question, young Tarts causes extensive data of experimental studies on animals; they were checked and finally affirmed in the operating room. The value of this comparative method Pies realized already in Dorpat and remained faithful to him forever.
Acquaintance with the printed papers reputable surgeons did not satisfy Pirogov. They did not consider it necessary to describe the structure, the position of the organs that underwent operations. He was convinced that it is necessary to know. The surgeon should know the path that leads to the body of the patient, his knife. He should be on this way their topographical signs, to keep themselves safe roads.
And even when she would bring him to the goal of the affected organ or vessel - better make the operation he who has an accurate view of their size, shape, mutual arrangement.
Anatomical the validity of any transaction - this problem number one went into medicine with Pirogov.