The new language of medicine

Ar-Razi said, "Doctor forms not only reading, but also the ability to discuss read and informed truth be applied to individual cases".
"Check in hospitals are not always correct description of the diseases encountered in medical writings, daily open for new tools that the ancients had no idea", gave advice to his fellow countryman ar-Razi - his political successor Ali Ibn Abbas.
"Some people say certain types of melancholy with the influence of demons, " wrote Ibn Sina. - I do not stick to their opinion."
He had a genius for that time the idea about the unseen pathogens, soil-borne water and food. Supposition is confirmed through many centuries, the era of microscopic studies. If you mean by "the Canon of medicine", Ibn Sina knew how to use tap to distinguish "buried" hydrocele from "drum". History of medicine indicates that the method of diagnostics of diseases of the chest through percussion offered in 1761 Viennese physician Leopold Auenbrugger, for which he was subjected to ridicule.
The same history of medicine calls in the number of new dressing devices of the end of XIX century, cotton wool, gauze and applied in practice yet ar Razi together with the prominent conductors (now called catgut) for mending of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Did not receive a timely development works mathematics and physics-optics Alhazen, a contemporary of Ibn Sina. He gave a correct anatomical description eyes, explained the peculiarities of visual perception, gave the name to the parts of the eye the cornea, lens. He coined the glasses, the idea being that many centuries later revived in the device telescope and microscope.
Unfortunately, it has not survived to our days one of the treatises Biruni, other Ibn Sina, but about the content it shows the title: "refutation empty opinions that came to mind some of the doctors on the stars that appear in the air." Biruni was referring astrological superstition, firmly embraced the medicine medieval Europe.
But the Christian world,is brought up in Church dogma, was not yet ready to comprehend these truths.