The moral basis of sex education

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The essence of the modern age is determined by the struggle between the two systems - socialism and capitalism. In addition to the open military conflicts, it covers economic, political, ideological struggle between two hostile class - the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. The ideological struggle is directly reflected in the field of ethical norms of human behavior. Therefore, the moral and ethical relationships are one of the forms of ideology of the ruling class. Bourgeois views on morality and ethics as something above class is not able to explain their dependence on socio-economic structure of society. Meanwhile, each socio-economic structure,- the primitive communal, slave-holding, feudal, bourgeois-capitalist, socialist,is peculiar to its prevailing morality.
Customs of primitive society in the sphere of sexual relations (for example, group marriage) was explained by the low level of economic development. In the period of slavery woman, the wife becomes almost as a slave, who executes orders and wishes of her husband, like other slaves. At the same time the man indulged in sexual freedom. In times of feudal landowner-feudal had power over life, property and the love of his serfs. The implementation of the "right of the first night" was commonplace.
Overt and covert prostitution, the law of purchase and sale in the relations between men and women are quite natural in the countries dominated by "his Majesty" capital. "Sacred" private property encourages open to buy love. Economic inequality, powerless position of women, housing crisis, racial discrimination, plenty of pornographic literature contributed lush prostitution. Poverty, hunger, unemployment, or fear of job loss was forced young workers to pass through the bed manufacturer or its managers. The factory was turned into a kind of informal harem for the capitalist and his servants who actually owned the bodies of their workers as well as other property.
Low moral standards of the bourgeois youth has given rise to a wide spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Not by chance the American magazine "plan a coward", referring to data Director of service of infectious diseases" in Manitoba doctor Snell, writes that "sexually transmitted diseases are out of control of physicians in North America and throughout the Western world". And it is quite natural, because boys and girls from bourgeois families began to consider sexual intercourse, just as fleeting pleasure. In addition, in the capitalist countries registered a huge divorce rate, although the bourgeoisie limits and complicates this process.
In a bourgeois family, and now the woman is unequal member and is entirely dependent on her husband, without the consent which can not solve any important issue. A woman in a capitalist society is limited in the right to work, education, inheritance, divorce, and so on, In some capitalist countries, and now the right to divorce is granted only to the man.
Human relations, including love, capitalism measures a property status, presence of money. Woman in bourgeois society undergoes a double exploitation and oppression. Poverty, financial insecurity, insecurity often force some workers not to marry. It is inevitable addition to the sexual relations in capitalist society.
In the process of historical development undergo changes not only sex, but other norms of behavior, habits, feelings of shame and so on, for Example, Yu. Lipe in the work "the Origin of things" (I. L., 1954, page 259) describes some African and South American tribes, in which today women are not ashamed of their nakedness, but "...terribly ashamed of, if you'll see them for food or no piece of matter, hanging down from the head.
Thus, moral beliefs and moral principles depend on a social society and define the sensual urges man and his sexual behaviour.