The moral basis of sex education

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In the Resolution of the CPSU Central Committee "On the 50th anniversary of VLKSM and tasks of the Communist education of youth," says that the worldview of boys and girls is formed in the atmosphere of sharpened class contradictions between the two world systems.
Sex education in conditions of Soviet reality covers a range of issues related to culture, social identity. The basic requirement of our time - study, study and study - refers first of all to young people. A young man with a book in his hands for us common phenomenon, moreover, a sign of the times. High objectives standing before us, are inextricably linked to the ideological preparation and training of the younger generation. It is with this generation linked to the aspirations of millions of people seeking to build the world's first Communist society.
Our youth have someone to take an example. The history of the first socialist state in the world - history uncompromising and principled, bloody and peaceful struggle and victories for the glory of the Soviet people. Won victory would have been impossible without the efforts of all people, without taking the mass heroism and labor feats. Currently, it is difficult to imagine at least one Soviet family without traditions. Therefore, the family, along with the school should have a more active influence on youth in the sense of formation of independence and responsibility for such thoughts, actions, and deeds. If teachers and parents want to see their children moral, cultural, educated, faithful Leninist ideals, then they should be closely connected with the party, i.e. deeply convinced Leninists.
At the present stage of development of our society important issues take Communist morality, conscience and duty, an integral part of which is the question of sex education. The youth of our country aspires to live, work and learn in a Communist way. Modern social structure of society in many respects changed the moral image of the Soviet youth. What is morality? What are its historical types? What is the relationship between socio-economic fabric of society and morality? What should be the moral principles of a person Communist tomorrow? Here are the questions that the younger generation in front of the family and the school.
Morality is a set of generally accepted (but not raised to the law) norms of human behavior. Moral relations are strictly certain historical roots. They are inextricably linked with the socio-economic structure of society, and therefore different in separate classes. For this reason, our younger generation has no moral right to blindly imitate the behaviour of young people in the capitalist countries, where almost all aspects of life in one way or another connected with material incentive and sex.
Each historical epoch was created, its customs and traditions, habits and traditions and on their basis to formulate ethical principles and ethical theory. The gradual complication of the moral relations led to the emergence of an independent science of morality and ethics. Since the introduction of ethics has come to play an increasingly important role in the upbringing of the young generation, because it answers the most important questions of human behavior.