About youth love

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"Sex education, " wrote A. S. Makarenko,- and it must be education for love, i.e, a large and deep feelings, feelings, decorated with unity of life, aspirations and hopes" *.
The feeling of love in General must be raised from childhood in each child. "If, growing up, the child has not learned to love my parents, brothers and sisters, their school, their Homeland, if in his character raised the beginning of gross selfishness, it is very difficult to expect that he is able to deeply love chosen woman. Such people often have shown the strongest sexual feelings, but always tend not to respect the one that attracts them, not to appreciate its spiritual life and not even interested in it. They are so easy to change affection and very close to cost from ordinary debauchery. Of course, this happens not only with men, but with women" **.
A. S. Makarenko advised parents to organize the education of the child from an early age that he was able to experience the feeling of "asexual" love or friendship. Then he'll accumulate experience long attachment to certain people, love to the Motherland, and other things in and are the best method of education future high public attitude to a woman friend. Without such an attitude to discipline and curb sexual sphere in General very difficult.
So young is very useful to have friends, to learn to take care of them, help them, respect them, to take their desires and dignity. Communication with friends and reading books, movies, observe the life of the adults - all this will contribute to raising the moral man.
Should I be afraid of manifestations good friendly feelings in children? Needless to create a tragedy in the family in the event of signs of love your son or daughter?
Isn't it better to properly organize the early years experience friendly and companionship, the experience of "asexual" love, which is so well said A. S. Makarenko? Using the confidence of children, their attention and frankness, parents can skillfully and tactfully to manage the development of the first feelings.

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