Labor pain relief

Labor pain relief is a complex of measures aimed at the removal or reduction of pain in childbirth. Most women generic act pain, the degree of which varies within very wide limits. However, pain in childbirth is not mandatory. Pain is not a necessary condition for their proper course. Often there are are little painful and even painless childbirth, having a perfectly normal period. Strong and long-lasting pain Deplete the nervous system mothers and harm to her body. Eliminate the pain of childbirth often helps to restore the violated labor activity and favorable after childbirth. Therefore, labor pain relief is not only a humane act, but also quite appropriate medical intervention.
During childbirth is irritation of numerous nerve endings laid down in the uterus (especially in the field of internal uterine pharynx), parametrium, ligaments of the uterus. In the period of exile is also irritation of nerve endings located in the tissues of the pelvic floor and external genitalia. Irritation of receptors occurs as a result of their compression declining uterus, compression descending predlagay part of the fruit, stretching ligaments. Pain irritation comes from the uterus into the Central nervous system, where the final formation of painful sensations. However, in the formation of generic pain essential role is played also the so-called conditioned reflex component - talk relatives and friends about the pain in childbirth, fear pregnant women in anticipation of birth, etc., resulting in weak pain signals perceived by the mother as a strong pain. Thus, the conditioned reflex (psychogenic) component of generic pain enhances pain, which origin is connected with nervous irritation of receptors of the genital organs. The data about the entity generic pain served as a theoretical basis for psycho method of anesthesia.
Besides psycho preparation for pregnant women, for the pain of childbirth used different drugs, the drugs, which must meet the following requirements: 1) have a good analgesic effect; 2) not to have a negative effect on the organism of the mother and fetus, not to weaken labor activity. Pain medication begins in the first period of labor at the established labor and disclosure of the cervix in 2-3 finger.
In a small obstetric facilities (collective farm maternity hospital, a small district hospitals) can be used painkillers candles following composition: Extr. Belladonnae 0,03; Pantoponi 0,02; Antipyrini 0,5; But. Cacao 1,5 (one candle). Candle enter in a direct gut in the beginning of the period of disclosure. 3-4 hour" the same candle you can re-enter. Instead of candles birth mother can give a drink of liquor: Papaverini hydrochlorici 0,02; Extr. Belladonnae 0,02; Spiritus aethylicus 15,0; Sirupus simplex 20,0 (at one time). For pain in maternity hospitals also used Tebodin (1.0 ml of 1% solution subcutaneously), promedol (1-2 ml of 1% solution subcutaneously), aprofen (1 ml of 1% solution subcutaneously or intramuscularly).
For pain childbirth use some means to narcosis: ether, nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen is used b first and second periods of confinement. Nitrous oxide give through a special device with the help of the mask. The air in the mixture with oxygen is used with devices for inhalation narcosis. Local anaesthesia for the pain of childbirth is now used very rarely. Nurse allowed to numb childbirth drugs only after appropriate training.

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