Bezobraziya - changes (often purchased) facial features or other body areas (scalp, neck, chest), giving the man ugly look. Bezobraziya may be a consequence of malformations (cleft lip and others), diseases (smallpox, lupus, and others), mechanical injuries, burns and other Bezobraziya may be caused by the absence or deformation of nose, loss of the eye, corneal opacity, eversion century, Robovie changes lips, scars from burns, injuries (for example, scars on the neck and chest after burns can also lead to the Acting, especially in women).
The criminal codes (articles 108, including 1 of the criminal code of the RSFSR and the relevant articles of the criminal code of the Union republics) are in serious injuries lasting Acting only individuals, not other parts of the body.
Bezobraziya - the concept is not medical, aesthetic, so it does not install the forensic expertise, as defined by the investigator or the court. The consequences of damage caused O., are determined by the General rules studies bodily harm (see) the forensic expertise, which in such cases also sets izgradivost or neizgladimoe consequences of damage (scar). (Under izgradivost means reducing the amount of scar and change its color or natural or under the influence of medical procedures not associated with surgery). For example, incised wound to the face can be qualified as minor injuries, which resulted in an impairment of health on the basis of temporary disability. The court, having found that the scar caused disfigurement, provided that this damage is lasting, might turn it on the basis of the Acting person as grievous bodily harm.