Regional hospital

Regional hospital, as well as regional and Republican, is the largest specialized Agency. The hospital has a hospital, a consultative polyclinic, special classrooms and laboratories, organizational-methodical Department, Department of planning and Advisory and emergency medical care.
The main task of this hospital is to provide the population of the region highly-specialized medical assistance with application of the newest methods of diagnostics and treatment, which cannot be implemented in other health institutions in cities and in rural areas.
It population gets fixed and Advisory care on such narrow specialties, as thoracic surgery, neurosurgery, endocrinology, urology, blood diseases, Oncology and so on, as well as on the main specialties (internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, and so on).
The hospital is also providing methodological and consultative assistance to all medical institutions of the region; to provide Advisory assistance to the patients sent from rural medical institutions; rendering medical health care institutions on the organization, setting and improving the quality of hospital and outpatient medical service; the organization and carrying out on the basis of these hospitals and other specialized agencies of measures on improvement of professional skill of doctors and nurses in rural health facilities; provision of specialized planning-Advisory and emergency medical aid to the population of the region; study of overall morbidity and morbidity with temporary disability; monitoring the medical examinations of workers of state farms and farmers.
One of the tasks of the regional hospital is also providing assistance to the oblast (regional) Department of health in the development of different questions on improvement of organization of medical service of the population. Thus, the regional hospital is not only a leading treatment-and-prophylactic center for treatment of patients, but also the steering methodological center for the organization of health care in rural areas.
Organizational-methodical Department of the regional hospital develops planned measures to reduce child mortality, decrease of morbidity with temporary disability among employees of state farms, collective farmers and workers of industrial enterprises, reduction of hospital mortality, reduce the number of discrepancies clinical and postmortem diagnoses, reduction of postoperative mortality and so on
As part of the organizational-methodical Department has the unit of emergency planning and Advisory assistance. This Department has at its disposal sanitary aviation and sanitary vehicles. At first request in the areas of leave or depart medical specialists and provide the necessary medical assistance to the patients who are in critical condition.
The hospital has a mobile offices (dental, x-ray and others). These offices, according to the plan, go to various villages of the region and render medical aid to the population.