The dependence of the health of centenarians from the conditions and way of their life

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The synthesis of a large amount of material obtained by mass examination of many years of people, found that in deep old age violations of physical, mental and social health occur unevenly. The impression is that the functions that are associated with the physical state (mobility, ability to self-service and so on), and the ability of a leader to adapt to the environment fall earlier than the functions of the mental state (safety psyche, memory). Indicators of social activity (for example, participation in domestic chores) is maintained even when the weakening physical abilities and are characterized by extraordinary uniformity of indicators in the different subgroups of the population living in different territories.
Gathered are quite detailed information about the category long people with relatively good health allow to fill the more specific content of the widespread notion of "active aging". By the volume of this group makes up 1/3 of the population aged 80 years. Quantitative characteristics is quite active, sociable, active people who kept interest in life, capable of self and taking part in the Affairs of the family and society.
The detected features of the health of centenarians and people of old age make the actual solution of practical problems associated with relief of their life in the family and better care in specialized institutions, and development of measures on prevention of premature aging, aimed at training of geriatric institutions and workers in the field of social assistance to these populations.
Comparison of indicators of the health of a relatively rare category of the population aged 90 years and older, with similar data on age allows to make a conclusion about the specific characteristics of the organism of long-lived, slow the pace of their dragline. These results are in good agreement with estimates of the process of extinction of people after 90 years (N. N. Sachuk, C. C. Clover, B. N. Minaev, 1975).
The heterogeneity of the group of longevity and health, and in terms of age groups in some areas of the country confirmed the presence of significant regional differences in the potential achievements of active longevity.
Despite some limited use of materials study the lifestyle of centenarians with the aim of developing recommendations for the General population, it should be recognized their usefulness to expand the understanding of the factors longevity and forecasting of this process for the future.