Finding a friend

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Today we, guys, let's talk about your interaction with peers. Classmates, friends, friends are now very significant people for you. And all adults, even parents, receded into the background. This is confirmed by special research scientists. When a large group of youth were asked with whom they would like to spend their free time on the first place the guys put their peers. The parents of the girls were on the fourth, and boys - on the fifth place.
How you are treated the boys in the class, in the yard, depends in your life now all - and the mood and self-confidence, and even the desire to live and study. If the peers you recognize that you are,all right. Ridicule comrades, or worse, "boycott" endured very hard, as the most terrible tragedy. Will this fact: 90% of juvenile offenders - those who is registered in the children's rooms police - were in their classrooms "isolated". This teenager remains only one thing: to seek recognition on the side, in a dubious company. After all, without recognition of his comrades, he cannot live. That is the law of your age!
See how close to attention to the fact that not one person in your class was not alone, devoid of friendship comrades.
But, unfortunately, find and keep each other not all turns out. We will know from your own letters.
Here, for example: "My name is Lena, I'm 13 years old. Why is it so hard to find a good friend or friend? It is difficult to establish contact with peers? All my classmates pretend that the class reigns indissoluble friendship, but actually all distant and alien to each other."
Lena, as well as our other readers, I want to say one other features of your age: Yes, contact with peers you need, but is becoming increasingly important friendship is not "all", and with one person. It is possible to tell that do not tell the whole class: the secret or dream, to share concerns or to get advice. All this is often lacking and adults, but for the first time felt it adolescents. And if you can't find a true friend or worse, a friend or a friend has betrayed your trust - resentment and feelings of loneliness overwhelm the soul.
"Dear editors! I am writing to you because I can no longer hold back. You know how hard it is for man to be alone! Although in my class no one will say that I have no friends. Friends I have, there is even the best friend. But lately it from me just turned away and is friends with another girl. And I am in despair. Today I "broke lesson", as written in my diary. The teacher said that I didn "blossomed". But it is not. I just had to somehow to "unload". I feel so bad! No one understands me. I'm all alone!"
"I am 14 years old. I write because I am tired of loneliness. Why it happens to one person easy to talk to, and he does well, and others not so. Maybe it's nature... But if I'm tired, tired of this emptiness!"
In the hundreds of letters to the editor guys asking the same questions: "Why can't friendship with anybody you want?"
"How can like someone who you like?" "Why did he (she) does not pay any attention to me?" "How to get him to make friends with me?" And at the end of each letter: "I can't stand it!", "What do I do?!", "Help!help!"
Frankly, universal answer to all these questions is no. There is no such "magic wand"that would permit all your difficulties. But help is still possible.
I am confident that you, our reader, it will be much easier to communicate and make friends, if you know what your friend and what he expects from friendship. Because different guys in friendship are looking for different, in the other they need. Do you know this?
Let's do this: I will briefly describe four different nature, and you decide which character who of your friends. And that you clearly understand the descriptions will be in the first person, as if the man himself tells about himself.
The nature of "agile, open". Most often, I have a good mood. I am convinced, will be fulfilled all my desires and plans. I love all sorts of adventures, willing to take risks. Easy to meet people in any situation. One friend me a little, want to live in a friendly, good team.