General survey pregnant

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Women gipertonicescomu type prevail body sizes in width. Below-average growth, there are often overweight. This stall, strong women. The backbone of broad and strong. Notes reinforced physiological lumbar lordosis, resulting body rejected backwards. Inclination angle of the pelvis - 46,2°, lumbar lordosis - 4,7 see the Face is wide and round. Broad shoulders and sloping. The neck is short and thick. A broad chest. Epigastric angle obtuse. Abdominal cavity deep and profound. Subcutaneous fat is highly developed, well-vascularized, deposition her whole body abundant, but uniform. The massive muscles, the muscles of the short and thick. Legs are short and thick, full closing of the hips. Body hair, especially in the underarm pits, pubic hair and legs good, but neopilina expressed. Most of them genitals are developed well.
Intermediate (middle) type known as normotimicescoe. Women belonging to this type, the most perfectly developed in the morphological and functional relationship. They are medium in size of height, weight, volume, etc., Their body is the most strong and shows considerable stability over all biological processes. Most of them pregnancy and childbirth occur normally.
Unlike women normostenichesky Constitution women, asthenic Constitution have a reduced reserve of potential energy. Typology and they often refer to weak (irritable) type of higher nervous activity. They tend to neurasthenia and psychasthenia. They are also more likely to experience these or other complications during pregnancy and childbirth. In contrast, women giperstenichesky the Constitution of the more hardy against any kind of adverse factors; they are less frequent complications in pregnancy and childbirth.
Women asthenic Constitution are less common than women normostenichesky the Constitution, but more often than women giperstenichesky the Constitution.
However, in the life of pure constitutional types is very little. In most cases, the doctor has to deal with so-called mixed types of constitutions, which bears the marks of the various constitutional groups. The latter can vary depending on various external factors and other reasons. For example, women normostenichesky Constitution under the influence of those or other conditions of muscle and bone system may be more powerful development, then build it" a woman becomes the athletic type, or musculares. In some cases in adult organism, with the defined body type under the influence and specific reasons, falls function of some endocrine secretions or group them, the result is dysplastic body type. For example, at loss of ovarian function may occur giovarelli type of obesity, characterized by excessive deposition of fat on the thighs and lower abdomen. At loss of pituitary function fat rapidly begins to Deposit on the trunk (pituitary obesity).
A special place among constitutional groups are women infantile body type. This constitutional type of women is the result of shortcomings in the development and formation of the body in childhood and especially in adolescence under the influence of unfavorable external factors that affect the development of the organism in General and bone skeleton, in particular.
Delayed growth of the skeleton are formed low growth, tenderness and subtlety and bones occurs infantile body type (typus gracilis). The body of women infantile body believed to be staying known (early) stage of development; these women are characterized by small sizes of the body preserving baby proportion of individual parts. They are narrow and small capacity of the basin, there is often hypoplasia of the cardiovascular system (drip heart, narrow aorta), coecum mobile and lengthening the S-shaped gut. The expression of children. The angle of the mandible is rounded off and all the jaw is poorly developed. On the upper jaw is often expressed in three and destrama. Sky high. Aperture upper chest narrow, the scope of upper and lower limbs along their whole length almost equal. Secondary sexual characteristics are weak. Breast immature, little nipples protruding. Pubic hair straight, weak and sometimes non-existent. Crotch high trough, vagina narrow and long, arches conical shape.