General survey pregnant

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In obstetric practice have to deal not only with universal, but th partial infantilism, i.e. with genital infantilism. Infantilism genitals may occur for different body types and is characterized by the following features: terminal volosatoj and external genitals are not developed enough, crotch-shaped, sex gaping slit even in antenatal, the vagina is long and narrow, with mild vaults; the cervix short, conic or Pugovkina or, on the contrary, extended; the body of the uterus small, flat, sometimes round. There pathological anaflaxia and shortening Sacro-uterine ligaments.
Sexual infantilism, manifested in the failure of the development of muscles, blood supply and innervation of the uterus, is often the cause of late appearance reg or menstrual function, infertility, miscarriages, anomalies of contractile activity of the uterus, hypotension or atony after her birth. In the power of the spoken these women during childbirth are obstetric intervention.
To intersex type includes women who have a sufficiently the sexual differentiation not only in respect of the somatics, but also of the mind. Intersex type embodies the features typical for men and women. Clinically there are several transition types.
Women intersex type are usually high growth. Develop the skeleton, shoulders wider pelvis. Chest broad, ribs directed downwards, but the lower the angle is rather wide. The shape of the pelvis is approaching men. Inclination angle of the small pelvis, femur and tibia longer torso; the closure of the hips incomplete. No roundedness, peculiar to women. Fat layer moderate. Hair overly developed, beyond the external genital organs, and from the pubis is distributed to the navel of a male. Abundantly covered with hair thighs, legs and even chest.
Breasts are not developed enough, little nipples. Color of skin breast is marbling. Genitals are often underdeveloped, hypoplastic.
These women often noted later the onset of menstruation. The regulation are very short with little blood loss, and often painful. The ability to conceive they lowered. Frequently observed: sexual disharmony, frigidity, reduced libido. Sometimes pronounced features of heterosexuality (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2. Intersex type.
Woman, 37 years old, externally - type men.

However, the features of the anatomical structure and composition women still do not reflect in its entirety properties of its body. In addition to morphological, necessary and functional characteristics of individual organs and systems (the mesenchyme, endocrine and nervous) and the first assessment of higher functions of the nervous system from the standpoint of physiological exercises I. P. Pavlova. The obstetrician-gynecologist should remember that the state of GNI may change due to the influence of several adverse factors associated with the memory of the former pathology of birth or current accompanied by clinically by a number of symptoms, such as: the presence of pain, prolonged course delivery and, of course, related insomnia.
The basis for performance of the higher nervous activity (centuries A. D.) in pregnant women have to put the study conditioned reflexes developed throughout the earlier of her life and, of course, affect the behavior of her in the home, in the office environment, in conditions of maternity hospitals, etc., (the so-called "stereotype"). Information about it is obtained from a survey of the woman and from conversations with persons with whom it communicates, as well as of monitoring its behavior.