General survey pregnant

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In the period of exile, but only until the eruption of the head, in order to facilitate its promotion, it is highly advisable to use the position of the body on the back with their legs bent at the hip and knee joints and stomach, legs, thus achieving good pelvis; instead provisions on the back in such cases can be applied poluciaetsea the squatting position.
During the eruption of the head it is recommended that the position of the body on his back with his legs, also bent in the hip and knee joints, but apart and put to bed.
I. C. Legenchenko recommends that during undertakings, with the woman lying on the back with a few raised by the head of the bed, rest your legs in the risers of noteriaty, pushing them away, and at the same time with both hands struggled to pull risers (or "reins") noteriaty themselves.
This provides some shift sacroiliac joint, unnamed bones rise up and thereby looming on the head, promoting its insertion and promotion through the birth canal.
At high crotch, bad tensile fabrics (as evidenced by the presence of numerous striae gravidarum) and large fruit size, the removal of the head (cutting) should not enclosing strikes under the sacrum, because otherwise will decrease the value of the inclination angle of the pelvis that is unprofitable. In order to preserve intact perineum and pelvic floor it is important to create a large obliquity of pelvis.
With the release of the hanger woman should lie on the strikes, planted under the sacrum. This facilitated the release of shoulder, which prevents the possibility of a fracture of the clavicle.
The strikes should be used only in cases where delivery is conducted on regular bed. On a hot bed apply strikes should not be, as it leads to a sharp decrease in the angle of inclination of the pelvis, which, undoubtedly, will influence the displacement of the axis of the pelvis strongly to the front, which creates unfavorable conditions for the preservation of the perineum.
Thus, the inclination angle of the pelvis is significantly reduced in half-sitting position on his back with a raised sacrum (roller spurious under the sacrum) or bent in the hip and knee joints and tightened to the stomach feet.
Inclination angle of the pelvis is significantly increased in the position of the woman on her back down sacrum (roller spurious under the lower back and your legs extended, or when the woman to valderosa position.
In contrast mulherescom position I. C. Legenchenko proposes to use a different method, as outlined mentioned above. For this purpose Legenchenko recommends noteriaty hot beds as reference points for the feet, which are located above the horizontal plane of the bed.
During undertakings mothers footsteps of both legs, bent at the hip and knee joints, rests on the curve of noteriaty and pushes them away; at the same time hands captures the midst of struts and pulling them on. The head of the bed raised to capacity up, resulting in feverously position.
Due to such position of the body creates an opportunity to center axis of the uterus with the axis of the pelvis.
Outside attempts woman takes its normal position. During the eruption of the head of the fruit of noteriaty lowered, and a pregnant woman puts his feet on the bed.
The angle of inclination of the pelvis is determined with the help of special devices designed W. J., Mikeladze, A. E. Mandelstam, etc. is the Most convenient drive-dial Mandelstam (Fig. 7), which can easily be strengthened to any tajomaru (Fig. 8).

Fig. 7. The device Mandelstam to measure the inclination angle of the pelvis.

Fig. 8. The measurement of the angle of inclination of the pelvis (the device Mandelstam fixed on tasemele).

With the help of the device Mandelstam the value of the inclination angle of the pelvis determine simultaneously with the measurement of outer conjugates. When using this device should be remembered that in the horizontal position tanamera arrow disc dial is zero; setting legs tanamera at the measurement points, the outer conjugates arrow of the instrument is shifted. The angle of inclination of the pelvis is expressed by the figure against which the arrow is set of the device. It should be noted that is not determined by the inclination of the plane of the entrance to the pelvis, the same direction with the true conjugates, and the angle formed between the outer conjugacy and the plane of the horizon. This difference particular practical value is not.
By the same principle is measured by the protractor design W. J. the Mikeladze.
Measurement standing. Button left leg added to the front surface of the symphysis and the right - to the upper edge of the spinous process IV lumbar vertebra. It should also be remembered that for precision measurement, it is necessary to level the plane of the buttons coincides with the plane of the handle of the device. This is achieved by means of a spirit level. Arrow protractor moves on the disk from 0 degrees to the left and celebrates the value of the inclination angle.