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Measurement lying on his back. Right leg (live) recorded in region IV lumbar vertebra (tested lying on it), and the left button is the symphysis. The arrow of a goniometer is moved to the right. Inclination angle is measured from 0 degrees to the right.
Manual by determination of the angle of inclination of the pelvis is held
thus: the doctor brings under the sacrum investigated woman lying on a hard couch, arm; if the latter passes freely under the sacrum, it indicates a large obliquity of pelvis.
An indication of the extent of the tilt of the pelvis is also the location of the genital slit against the closed thighs.
Normal external genitals of the woman facing forwards and downwards; the more pronounced the obliquity of pelvis, the more the gender gap lies between closed thighs.
You can also define the obliquity of pelvis position both awn Ilium relatively pubic joint.
Inclination angle of the pelvis is normal (within 40-50 degrees) in the case when the horizontal position of the body, women plane passing through the symphysis and peredniene spine pelvis, parallel to the plane of the horizon. In this case, the hand under the curve of the lower back can't be done (lying down). If the symphysis is below preneuring awn pelvis, the inclination angle of the pelvis will be great. In this case, the hand easily passes under the waist. If the symphysis lies above awn, the inclination angle is small. In this case, the hand of the back may not be freely carried out.
About the presence of a particular value of the angle of inclination of the pelvis can be judged at vertical position of a woman's body by the difference between the measurements of the distance from the stop to the symphysis and from stop to preneuring spines. Vertical position of the body and the presence of a large inclination angle of the pelvis (over 55 degrees) sacrum, buttocks and genitals rejected back, lumbar lordosis strongly expressed, and inner thighs not touch each other.
At a small angle of inclination of the pelvis (less than 50 degrees) the location of the sacrum almost approaches vertical, pubic joint raised up, genitals bent forward, lumbar lordosis is missing or poorly defined, inner thighs touch each other.
Measurement of lumbar lordosis is done using logosaltera (Fig. 9); the latter is built in type of a plumb.

Fig. 9. Lordoscoliosis.

The upper part of the device has forked form; she departs cord 1 m of length, which hooked cargo. The cord is inserted through the hole in the ruler. The line moves freely along the cord and in hand. On both sides of the line caused division from 1 to 10, see
The device is hung on the shoulders pregnant, which stands in a relaxed position. Plumb down in the course of the spine; it is fixed on the average for the fourth sacral vertebra left hand. The right hand draw the line, which is the end, where the division into centimeters, put to the remotest from plumb point of the lumbar spine, the distance from a specified point to plumb count on the line; it corresponds to the degree of the curve of the lumbar part of the spine to the front.