Hygiene requirements to the construction and operation of hostels

In hostels live in close contact large groups that may contribute to the introduction and rapid spread of infectious diseases. Residents of the hostel does not have a domestic property, so they should be provided with all necessary household.
Based on the characteristics of hostels, during their construction and operation must be strictly complied hygienic requirements. All-Union state sanitary Inspectorate approved the "Sanitary rules for the construction, equipment and maintenance of hostels for workers, students and pupils of technical schools". Thus, the minimum size of the bedrooms per worker is no less than 4.5 m2, and for students of technical schools - 6 m2 when staying in a room for 6 and 4 people. For this size bedrooms working in hostels should be 9-27 m2and student - 12-24 m2.
In the hostel except the living rooms shall be provided to auxiliary rooms (dining room, Laundry, medical service, shower, insulator).
The washing room and the toilet floor are arranged (for men and women). Kitchen, distillation, premises for the heating of food and bathrooms day visit to hold a floor or through the floor, they must have access to shared corridor.
Rooms for cleaning clothes and shoes should be on each floor. They have natural light, air and exhaust ventilation with mechanical booster and a sink.
Premises for washing must have waterproof floors, walls and floors, hot and cold water supply. Of the total corridors they must be separated by gateways.
The internal decoration of the dormitories should contribute to the maintenance of cleanliness. Wall sleeping room should be painted by a glutinous paint, the other rooms and corridors at a height of 1.8 m from the floor level shall be painted with oil paint; floors should be boardwalk (without gaps) or parquet.
All of a dwelling and utility rooms must have a direct natural light, Central heating, vents or transoms for ventilation (with the area of not less than 1/40 floor space). Light factor for sleeping rooms should be not less than 1/8, and for subsidiary - 1/12.
Of equipment for dormitories allocate beds, chairs, tables, cabinets, mattresses, blankets, pillows and bed linen.
At arrangement of beds you must meet the following minimum gaps between beds - 0.4 m, between headboards - 0.2 m from the external walls - 0.5 m