General provisions

Developed socialist society during scientific and technical revolution should be rationally to solve complex tasks of economic and social nature. In particular, the successful development of the socialist economy and the improvement of economic mechanism associated with scientific forecasting perspective shifts in the nature of work, the conditions, the distribution of workers across sectors and branches of social production, their professional qualification and age structure, the system of preparation and retraining of personnel, professional selection and reorientation. It must respect the requirements of the social policy of socialist society: principles of full employment and steady growth of qualification of workers, conditions for full disclosure of spiritual and physical abilities and health protection for workers.
In the conditions of demographic ageing of the labour potential of the country and its use change significantly. The lengthening of the average life expectancy and, accordingly, the period of possible labour activity dictate new forms of consumption of the workforce, the need for expansion of front jobs for full-fledged work of persons older working and retirement age. All this contributes to the establishment and development of industrial gerontology and geragosian labour.
Geragosian labour as a social and biological science considers the problems of physiology and hygiene of labor from two perspectives: 1) prevention of occupational and biological aging; 2) optimization of the load, mode of work and rest, working conditions for older persons of working-aged and elderly.
The solution of these tasks geragosian fully consistent with the objectives and principles of socialist society in the area of human resources. One of the ways of study and regulation of rational consumption of the labour force in ensuring long-term labour activity, professional growth and long life is the socio-demographic analysis of trends utilization of the labour force, the formation of age boundaries health, the nature of biological and professional aging representatives of various types and nature of work. Especially valuable is the possibility of dynamic monitoring of these processes and the identification of their connection with those or other conditions of production and its development. It is important to be able to compare performance of health, the duration of labor activity and life of the affected population.
In this section sets out the ways and methods of solving these problems, developed in our group and found a certain response among specialists in various fields of relevance to health care workers.