General changes in burn injury

Limited, an area of up to 5% of the body surface, Nein-truth burns usually not followed by changes in the General condition of the animal. Only in some cases, there is a small temperature rise, minor, sometimes subtle, changes from morphological and biochemical indices of blood and urine.
With extensive burns, area of more than 5% of body surface (II, III and IV degree), are developing various severity of pathological changes with the involvement of all organs and systems, which is clinically manifested as severe common disease - "burn disease".
The degree of manifestation of common disorders depends on the size and depth of the burn, from the General state animal: its age, fatness, the condition of the nervous system, the reactivity of the organism, and the presence of other diseases and lesions on the correct operation and the conditions of detention.
Depending on the prevailing character of pathological processes schematically distinguish four stages of flow of burn disease:
1) stage nervous reaction (burns shock);
2) acute stage toxemia;
3) the stage of septicotoxemia or infectious complications;
4) the stage of the resolution process (recovery).