Additional methods of patient examination

  • Examination of a patient
  • Some of them are obligatory minimum of the research at any disease. These additional methods include measurement of height, weight, patient, body temperature, blood pressure; from laboratory research - the General analysis of urine, General clinical blood analysis, analysis of a feces on eggs of worms. Each patient must produce x-ray examination of the chest.
    Other additional methods appoint depending on the nature of the pathological process (for example, x-rays, different biochemical and immunological research, electrocardiographic research and others).
    Biopsy (see) is included in the examination of the patient for special reasons, and sometimes is crucial in correct diagnosis, for example in malignant tumors.
    Bacteriological examination of different fluids, and secretions of the body (sampling of blood, urine, inflammatory exudates) conducted with the purpose to find in them pathogenic agents of various infectious diseases (tuberculosis, typhoid fever, sepsis , etc.,).
    Radioindication methods are not included in the mandatory complex examination of a patient. They are used in the diagnosis of diseases of liver, pancreas, intestines, kidneys, thyroid gland, bones and so on, as well as to determine the flow velocity and intensity of absorption of organs and tissues of various introduced into the body of medicinal substances. Functional studies lung, heart (including electrocardiographic research method), organs of digestion, blood and endocrine systems are used according to the indications.