The situation for the study of gynecological patients

The gynecological examination of the patient, as a rule, should be performed in a hospital setting, but sometimes you have to examine patients at home in the order of residential care. A bed for research in such cases can serve as a bed and in the extreme case of any long-lasting style.
For studies of patients in the polyclinic and the hospital can use gynecological chair simple design, with a chair can serve as well as for producing some gynecological operations, for example, scraping the uterine biopsy of the cervix (Fig. 1).
If you study of patients is necessary to apply certain methods of instrumental studies, the legs, the patient should be kept with their legs bent at the knee and hip joints and fastened to the stomach.
To lock the foot in place for enjoying special nogegereediem (Fig. 2), and in the absence thereof is necessary for this purpose to invite one or even two assistants, especially if it is applied General anesthesia.
In the study on a simple table in the absence of nahodites the latter can be done from a single sheets: long sheet is taken to be two persons for two opposite end of the a and b (Fig. 3) and twisted to one side (Fig. 4), a thick middle received a tourniquet is placed under the neck of the patient, and the ends a and b bond around the Shin around the knee ends and d (Fig. 5).