Hygienic evaluation of food products

Food products must meet the hygiene requirements regarding the composition and nutritional value, and purity. For most products have established state standard (GOST), which set out the requirements that must be met for the product.
To characterize the quality of food products shall enjoy the following terms: "product benign" (meets requirements of GOST); "product with low nutritional value" (usable, but not quite meet the requirements of GOST) - bread with several high humidity, low-fat sour cream and others: "the product is conventionally acceptable" (may be allowed to use only after appropriate processing), such as meat, infected little Finns, which allowed for use after careful heat treatment; "product substandard" (pronounced signs of damage); "product falsified" (properties and composition of a product is adjusted to deceive consumers), for example diluted milk, milk with the addition of soda.