Damage of air pollution to health. How to clear the air with household cleaners?

To live in conditions of ecological purity dream of many. However, not everyone has the opportunity to settle in the place, where the air is filled with freshness. Most have to breathe dirty city air, which causes irreparable harm to the body. This problem is especially acute for residents of industrial cities. Many plants which emit into the atmosphere of harmful substances, weight machines that emit exhaust gases, cannot but affect the health of the population. What is so dangerous city air?
First of all, the bad ecological situation negatively affects the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. People who regularly inhale harmful particles in the air, developing hypertension. Studies show that even a 10-week contact with hazardous substances is sufficient to cause the predisposition to hypertension.
Polluted air contains substances which at hit in an organism of the young people provoke the development of various cardiovascular diseases. Significantly increases the risk of myocardial infarction, inflammatory diseases of the heart, leading to massive cell death of this vital organ.
Into the air from burning coal are particles of soot. Penetrating into the body, they often become the reason of development of venous thrombosis. In the veins of the lower extremities produce blood clots. Looking up, they with the blood flow to migrate in the body, leading to pulmonary embolism. The disease often becomes the cause of human death.
Ultrafine particles contained in the dirty air, easily enter the body of a man. They can cause increased formation of platelets. These elements are responsible for blood clotting. However, with the increased formation they become the cause of plaques in blood vessels. This disrupts the normal flow of blood to the heart muscle. The result is manifested oxygen starvation, blood circulation is disturbed.
Negative impact air pollution on humans, diabetes, bronchial asthma, chronic diseases of internal organs. Air pollution affects the blood, changing its physical-chemical properties, composition. Regular inhalation of harmful particles causes the violation of protein, water and carbohydrate metabolism. Decomposition products remain in the body in large quantities, their gradual accumulation leads to impaired functioning of the internal organs and systems. Impact dirty air on the appearance of the person. The skin loses elasticity, becomes dry, covered with wrinkles. Young people look much older than my biological age.
Disturbed metabolism cannot but entail violations of the endocrine glands. The result of hormonal disorders that cause different diseases. Most often suffer from thyroid gland.
Air pollution has a negative impact on the General human condition. With regular inhalation of dangerous particles are marked fatigue, frequent headaches, hearing and vision, reduced mental performance, the emergence of a tendency to frequent allergic reactions and colds.

Today there are devices that are used for purification of air in the room. They are able to blow the air through the filter elements, thereby cleaning it from impurities. Depending on the technical characteristics of air purifiers have a different degree of purification. Cheap devices remove from the air only large particles (household dust, dander, feathers poplars). In the more expensive and advanced models provides the function of neutralization of the particles of exhaust, tobacco smoke and other harmful impurities.
In household appliances using various filtering elements. HEPA filters allows to clear air from mechanical impurities. Activated carbon neutralizes unpleasant smells in the room. Electrostatic filter is a refuge for the smoke particles, resins, dust. Photocatalytic filter decomposes harmful substances to the harmless (under the action of ultraviolet light).
Very effective are household cleaners, filtering element of which is water. This device is perfectly cleans the air, it moisturizes, making it easier and fresh. Its effectiveness has proved the devices, which combine the functions of purification, moistening and the ionization of air. Negative ions that are released into the atmosphere, have a positive impact on the health of people suffering from diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems. They strengthen the immune system of the person.
Selection of air purifiers is quite wide. The people that care about your health, you should definitely buy this device. After all, the clear air - the key to good health.