Basil ordinary

Basil ordinaryBasil ordinary, garden - Ocimum basilicum L.
The Family Labiatae - Lamiaceae Lindl.
Grayish, hairy, annual herbaceous plant 20-50 cm tall. The root is stalky. The stalk chetyrehlistnyj, vilchevsky, covered with hairs. Leaves are opposite, the leaf kruglyany. Flowers dvugubye, white violet, collected whorls from 5 to 12 pieces in loose spike-shaped inflorescences.
Blossoms in our conditions in early July. Bears fruit in late July. The vegetation period is 184 days. Require warmth and light. The seeding depth 1,5-2 see
Naturally grows in South Asia, Africa and tropical America, in the USSR - in the South of the European part, the Caucasus, Central Asia.
Spicy sheet - culinary seasoning. Seeds, flowers and leaves are used as a drug.
Grass contains essential oils and used for inflammation of the gums, kidneys, bladder, upper respiratory tract, as an antispasmodic agent.