Action (Octilinum) - antitrichomonas tool, the active substance of which is n-oktilovom alcohol. Action applied with trichomoniasis, lubricating the vagina, cervix, external genitals and the anus emulsion or entering a vaginal balls. The first course of treatment consists of 14 daily procedures, and repeat the course consists of 7 daily procedures. Spend 2-3 refresher, each of which begin after the next menstruation. Method of production of aktiline: 1 and 3% emulsion n-oktilovom alcohol on glycerol in bottles of 100 ml and vaginal balls 0.1 g Emulsion before use vesbaltarve.
Cm. also Antitrichomonas funds.

Action (Octylinum) - antitrichomonas means; n-oktilovom alcohol. Local applied in the form of emulsion or balls. Canal and cervix treated with 3% emulsion O.; tampon moistened with anjilina lay in the vagina for 8-10 hours. The urethra is treated with 1% cream O. Balls enter on the night after douching 20% solution of sodium chloride. All the procedures are performed daily for 14 days. Repeated courses of treatment for 7 days spend 2-3 days after the end of menstruation during 2-3 menstrual cycles. Release form: bottles of 100 ml 1 and 3% solution of Acting in glycerol and balls 0.1 g in polyethylene oxide. Cm. also Antitrichomonas funds.