Odessa resort area

Odessa is a resort area - a group of mud and seaside climate resorts, located mainly in the vicinity of Odessa and part of the West of Nistru river along the coast of the Black sea.
The proximity of the sea and steppe determines the peculiarities of climate, which, in General terms, for most resorts characterized as steppe and sea. The average temperature of the coldest months (January - February) -2,6-1,8°, the warmest (July - August) 23 - 22 degrees. Relative humidity varies from an average of 60% (July) to 88% (January). The duration of sunshine - from 2040 to 2572 hour. in different years. Precipitation in Odessa falls a little: on average for the year 391 mm, snow days - about 20 a year. The most favorable climate respect is the period from the end of April - beginning of may until the end of October.
Remedies are various: therapeutic mud of the lake (estuary) brine, sea and mineral baths, baths artificial gas (carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, radon, oxygen, nitrogen), baths in sea water, brine, mineral water, sea and swimming in the sea with the sun on the beaches (thalassotherapy), steppe and sea-Sunny climate, fruits and grapes in the late summer and autumn.
The following are the resorts in the area.
Arcadia - a seaside balneological resort 5 km from the centre of Odessa. Greater Central photoelectrocatalytic and beach, serving part of sanatoria and health resort clinic.
Several specialized sanatoriums for patients with diseases of cardiovascular and peripheral nervous system, musculoskeletal system and concomitant gynecological diseases. A number of sanatoriums for adults and children with TB of the lungs, and for children suffering from osteo-articular tuberculosis with the Department for patients with tuberculosis of the eye.
Big and Small Fountains - resorts of South of Odessa along the coast, a distance of about 12 km Main therapeutic agents - the climate, the sea and beaches, sea bathing; in winter the sea and artificial gas baths on sea water, physiotherapy. Specialized sanatorium. Gorky with a balneary for patients with diseases of digestive system; specialized sanatorium "Anchor" neurological profile; several TB sanatoria for children and adults, a lot of holiday homes and summer camps for children.
Zatoka (b. Bugaz) is a seaside climatic resort is 65 km to the South-West of Odessa and 23 km from Belgorod-Dnestrovsky on a sandy rerash between the sea and the Dniester estuary. First-class sandy beach. On the sandy beach big sanatorium for children suffering from osteo-articular tuberculosis; pension ("Golden Sands").
Kuyalnik resort is the oldest mud health resort on the right Bank of the Kuyalnik " Liman 9 km from the city centre. Reserves of medicinal first-class mud in the estuary huge; lacustrine brine has in different years different concentrations from 20 to 260 g of salt in 1 liter of water. Mineral water sources such as sodium chloride (ICT. №№ 2, 3, 4 and 6) are used for baths and drinking. Water source № 4 bottling is applied as a medicinal (hypoacidity gastritis, chronic colitis, liver disease and gall bladder) and a dining room. Sanatoriums, big gryazepodobnyh and resort clinic for outpatient (course) patients, boarding house.
Lebedevka (b. Burnas) - Primorsky mud and climatic resort for adults and children 15 km West of shabolatskogo estuary on the coast Bernassola estuary and sea 40 km from Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy.
Lermontov resort - seaside climatic and health resort with a large specialized sanatorium (base clinics of the Odessa Institute of balneology). Great balneophizioterapevticheskoe section with mud baths, Central resort polyclinic with a pension. Indications: diseases of cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal apparatus, nervous system.
Luzanovka (Young Guard), a seaside resort to the North-East of Odessa on the sea shore. Republican pioneer camp "Young guard"-on a plateau overlooking the sea, 40 km along the shore and on the terrace on 1-2 m above sea level. Lozanovskii beach 2.5 km long, is one of the best in the USSR. In the camp the children sent at the age of 12 to 14 years, needing rest, convalescents, with benign anemia, bronchitis.
Madalinski, or Dry, Liman (b. Klein-Liberalise) - the resort is 15 km from Odessa. The weakest one of Odessa estuary on the concentration of salts. Sanatorium for children suffering from rheumatism and joint diseases.
Primorsko (b. Budaki) resort by the sea and near the shabolatskogo estuary 30 km from Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy, on the plateau. First-class sandy beach. Sanatoriums for adults and subsiding forms of tuberculosis of the lungs, with osteo-articular tuberculosis and for children with active form of tuberculosis. Near "Primorye" the shabolatskogo estuary - sanatorium for children suffering from rheumatism.
Sergeevka - mud seaside health resort on the shore of shabolatskogo estuary West of the Dniester 22 km from Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy. The estuary is separated from the sea by a sandy rerash with very good sea beach. Mud treatment, RPMA baths, sea bathing, thalassotherapy, climatotherapy.
Hadzibeevsky resort - mud resort 15 km from Odessa; sanatorium "hadzhibey" for children 2-6 years with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
Cold Beam (to them. The October revolution) is a resort on the shore Hadzhibeevskiy estuary in 15 km from Odessa and 5 km from railway senior Dacha. Sanatorium for children from 3 to 14 years with poliomyelitis consequences and rheumatism in the inactive phase; good beach, gryazepodobnyh. Treatment with mud, RPMA baths, summer swimming in the lake and sun baths, physiotherapy, orthopaedic activities; in autumn - botryotherapy.
Chernomorka (b. Lyustdorf) - extreme (South) resort on the shore of the Gulf of Odessa in 20 km from Odessa with a large fine sand beach. The resort to them. Krupskaya with the Department for children, the sick with tuberculosis and osteo-articular tuberculosis; several sanatoriums for children, patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. In the area in summer camps and rest homes for adults. The resort to them. Ivanova for adults with active forms of tuberculosis. Cm. also Resorts, Seaside resorts.