Children's clothing

Along with the requirements to clothes at all, in respect of children's clothes should also take into account age peculiarities of children's organism, first of all imperfection of thermoregulation and large motor activity of the child. Given the tenderness and light skin fragility of the children of the first months of life, Acting for them should be made of soft, absorbent (not synthetic) tissue, without rough seams, buttons, with a soft drawstring. Clothing should feel free to skip through the air, and to protect the child from cooling. Cut O. should be comfortable, not restricting the freedom of movement of the child. Children aged 2 months. dressed in vests and 2 diaper (90X90 cm). Internal diaper is a headscarf and serves as a diaper (Fig. 7). From 2 to 9 months. diaper combined with pants ending like socks (Fig. 8 and 9).
On hot days, use diaper panties (Fig. 10). Children aged from 8 months. up to 1.5-2 years vests replace shirts with cut in the front. The children of this and more advanced ages in all seasons of the right underwear pants or panties.
The sliders (to avoid cooling of the child on the floor) pants should reach the ankles. Children over the age of 1,5-2 years is dressed in a shirt with a large neck, short sleeves or without them (like t-shirts). For children older than 2 years nightgowns should be to toe with sleeves up brushes. Trousers for children from 1,5 to 7 years old can be on the straps, and to wear the bra or held by a rubber band (provided that the gum is not pulled taut belly). Bra and belt of trousers should be 8-10 cm longer than the circumference of the abdomen, as the scope of its changes after a meal. Shorts for girls should be done in the form of short trousers; they better protect crotch against pollution. Underwear pants for school-age children are kept on the belt. In the family of each child should have an individual Acting In nurseries, kindergartens, hospitals need to have a set of clothes of different standard sizes in line with the growth of children of different age groups.

Fig. 7. The driving of a child in diapers.
Fig. 8. Combination for a child from 2 to 9 months.
Fig. 9. Pattern combinations.
Fig. 10 Diaper-panties summer.