Sports clothing

For sportswear is of special importance possible light weight, simple and comfortable style, not hampering athlete. Must meet sportswear weather conditions, the duration and intensity of exercise. High heat-shielding properties (low heat conductivity of the tissue) are the most important for winter sports, Acting, as well as for Acting, used in the classroom when the temperature is below 10 degrees. Vozdukhoplavateli tissues going on manufacture of sports, Acting, should be high to ensure quick removal of sweat from the body surface. To avoid overheating of the body of the sport clothing should have high hygroscopic property, well absorb and evaporate the sweat. These requirements are of particular importance for underwear, sweatshirts, t-shirts and other items worn on bare skin. The most satisfactory in this respect, knitted fabric. For winter sports clothing preferred woolen fabric. When mountain climbing, tourist hikes in cool weather and other activities may be necessary additional windproof O. (often used jacket percale). For protection against frostbite use headphones, triangles of dense tissue in the crotch, women - warm bras and tights.