Clothing in the forensic against

Clothing is examined by a medical forensic expert when examining the dead at the scene, when the autopsy and during the medical examination of alive persons On clothing may be damaged, in form and character, allowing to define the subject, which they are applied, in particular to establish sometimes form hitting the surface of the object, or to determine the form of the cross section of sharp object. You should pay attention whether the clothes of the buttons torn off, breaks, loops, and other damage. These data are reported, as they may indicate combat and self-defense. On clothing can be found traces of a shot from firearms in the study which addressed the issue of distance and direction of the shot. On clothing can be printed, for example tread wheels if the damage of the vehicle or muzzle end weapons when fired at close range. The clothes are extraneous impurities (clay, sand, cement, coal dust and other), which sometimes allows you to set the scene, the stay of a person in a certain place. On clothing may be traces of blood or any discharge of a person. These traces are carefully studied, described and measures for their conservation. If necessary clothing is subject to special methods of research: photography, research in the ultraviolet, infrared, x-ray study, etc. Before sending service to the study, if she wet her dry and shall ensure that all traces and impurities present in it, were stored in an unmodified form and delivered to the expert.

Clothing in the forensic against. Clothes are first exposed to the body traumatic factors, so it is usually more tracks and damage than on the body of the victim. The forensic investigation service usually produce: a) for damage and signs and various types of injuries; b) to detect the presence of discharge human body and determination of their nature (see Physical evidence)-in) for identification of unknown corpses. When gunshot injury study Acting the victim produce to address issues about which a distance of a shot was fired, the direction of the bullet channel, type of firearms, etc. When avtotrafik and rail injury traces of and damage to the Acting judge on the mechanism of injury (moving, with a drop kick, drawing), determine the position of the victim's body at the moment of impact. In injuries with sharp instruments determine whether or not sliced, chopped or stab, what are the signs of guns, which it is applied (one or two blades with width and partly blade length, the presence of the limiter, and so on). Important data can be obtained in the study of damage of O. from the action of high temperatures, electricity and caustic chemicals. The study Acting produced with the use of photography in the ultraviolet and infrared rays, x-rays, chemical and other methods. Description and photographs of the footprints and damage, as well as the withholding of clothes for directions on laboratory investigation should be carried out at the scene. Wet clothes pre-dried at room temperature. The traces and the scope of damage covered with pieces of cloth and sheathe thread. Put About. so that the traces and damage did not fall into the fold.