Odontalgia - dental pain not associated with diseases of the teeth. To odontalgia include pain in the teeth observed in the chamber II and III branches of the trigeminal nerve, and also at the pectoris, hypertensive crisis, some diseases of internal organs. The mechanism of this pain has not been studied. When odontalgia and after the examination of the mouth by a dentist, the patient should be directed to your physician and neurologist to identify the underlying disease. Cm. also Prosopalgia.

Odontalgia (from the Greek. odous, odontos - tooth and algos - pain) - toothache, etiology and pathogenesis of which is not clear. An example of odontalgia are a pain in the teeth angina pectoris, hypertensive crisis. As the study of issues related to the Acting, the number of cases of dental pain unexplained reduced. So, for example, explained the cause of pain in the teeth with the defeat nourishing nerve (see Carlina syndrome), pterygopalatine site (see Sladura syndrome), pathological syndrome occlusion (see Kostina syndrome).