Oftalmia is a group of inflammatory diseases of eyes, mainly non-infectious nature, caused by the action of radiant energy (electric oftalmia, snow ophthalmia), irritation hairs caterpillars or some plant species when you hit them in kongungualny bag (nodular oftalmia). The term " ophthalmia" refers to the inflammation of eyes, developing with penetrating wounds of the second eye (see Sympathetic oftalmia), and diseases of the eye, evolved as a result hematogenous drift of pathogens in the vascular tract of the eye (metastatic oftalmia).
Electric oftalmia occurs as a result of actions in the eyes of light, rich ultraviolet light (when welding works and other).
A similar defeat eye occurs when strong light reflected from the snow fields or ice - snow ophthalmia. In both cases, after 6-8 hours. after exposure to strong light develops irritation of the conjunctiva, accompanied by acute pain, lacrimation. Usually in a day all these phenomena disappear spontaneously.
To relieve pain and reduce irritation phenomena eyes appoint cool gadgets for ever. To prevent this type of injury, you must use protective goggles.

Oftalmia (infections; from the Greek. ophthalmos - eye - inflammation of the membranes of eyes predominantly non-infectious nature. Inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea can be caused by the action of some types of radiant energy [electric oftalmia (O. electrica), snow O. (O. nivalis)], as well as mechanical eye irritation hairs caterpillars [nodular O. (O. nodosa)]. In addition to these losses, the term " ophthalmia" refers also sympathetic eye inflammation that occurs when penetrating wounds of the second pair of eyes [sympathetic oftalmia (see)].
Electric O. occurs as a result of intensive irradiation eyes light, rich ultraviolet light (strong light arc lamp when filming, welding works). Currently, the cases of electric Acting as a production eye injuries are extremely rare. Similar nature damage to the eyes in the form of snow blindness, or the so-called glitzerola of Qatar, met the members of Arctic expeditions and mountain climbers, if they do not use special protective goggles, caused strong reflected light snow fields or ice.
In these cases, as with electric OFTAL, after 6-8 hours after burn eyes sharp irritation of the conjunctiva, accompanied by acute pain, and tearing. In the most severe cases, the affected not only conjunctiva, but the cornea. After 2 days of acute effects gradually go away. For alleviating feelings appoint cold (sometimes warm) lotions for ever, weak solutions anaesthetics.
Acute inflammation of the conjunctiva is true for OFTAL, caused by a mechanical reasons. Getting into the conjunctival SAC hairs of some species of caterpillars (often moth) calls nodular lesions of the conjunctiva, looks very reminiscent of tuberculous inflammation.
Postmortem these nodules are inflammatory granuloma of lymphocytes, epithelioid and giant cells.
Being in the center of the granuloma hairs caterpillars confirms the diagnosis nodular O. the Removal of hairs leads to rapid disappearance of inflammation.