The health of the population in the programme of the CPSU

In the Program of the CPSU adopted at the XXII Congress, emphasized: "the Socialist state is the only state which takes charge of the protection and continuous improvement of the health of the whole population. This is ensured by the system of socio-economic and medical measures. Is a broad program aimed at preventing and drastic reduction of diseases, liquidation of mass infectious diseases, on the further life extension" *. Each line of the new party Programme penetrated deep humanism.
In order to fully meet the needs of the population in medical services, will be made widespread construction of medical institutions, equipping them with modern equipment and facilities. All population of the country will be serviced by regular medical method. In addition to the currently available free medical treatment, free will, treatment in sanatoria, holiday medicines etc.
Preventive orientation permeated all sections of the Program. At the present stage, this means the active transformation of the external environment, improvement of conditions of work and life, rest and food, as well as other factors that affect human health.
All urban and rural population will be provided with qualified medical help.
The Programme of the CPSU task on the elimination of socio-economic and cultural differences between city and village set by health authorities as one of the priorities of eliminating disparities in health care between urban and rural population.
Constantly will increase the role of public health leadership. In the Program of the CPSU there are such words: "a Comprehensive deployment and improvement of socialist democracy, the active participation of all citizens in governance, guidance for economic and cultural construction..." And further: "On the decision of the standing committees of local Councils should gradually be transferred to an increasing number of issues within the competence of the departments and divisions of Executive bodies" **.
Our public organizations, in addition to control, increasingly will participate in activities aimed at improving workers ' health, will gradually take over the function of health management.

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