Protection of green healers

Every year the problems of studying, preservation and protection of the environment. Pesticides and industrial emissions in atmosphere of polluting it, chemicalization of agriculture has a negative impact on wildlife. These issues require state-wide approach.
Intensive forest cutting, ploughing of virgin lands, reinforced mowing hay - also serious questions that need urgent solution.
But much depends on us, on how we treat nature. Even visiting forests, meadows tourists, vacationers, gatherers of mushrooms and berries often has a detrimental impact on many plants. And if such nature lovers thousands and tens of thousands, the consequences could be dire.
Knowledge about our useful and useless properties of plants incomplete. So the loss of each species of wild nature can lead to the irreparable losses in the future.
The study and conservation of the world of plants is necessary not only for the development of science, the disclosure of General laws of nature, it affects and economic issues.
Many plants are relatives and ancestors of our cultural varieties. They have preserved almost intact the initial set of hereditary characteristics (gene pool). Sometimes you want to hybridize with wild ancestor of some plant to return lost to posterity useful traits: high resistance to disease, drought resistance and many other properties.
The value of wild herbs in the fact that in recent years, they have learned to use in the seemingly totally unexpected - in nature protection, combating pollution of the environment. Many plants have become indicators of changes in the environment, its pollution variety of industrial waste. Plants rather technical means catch presence in the nature of harmful gases and impurities, react to the slightest changes of the environment.
From the first years of existence of the Soviet state has been steadily implemented the requirement of careful attitude to nature. The USSR Constitution, the basic Law of our state, in articles 18 and 67 in crisp, clear the form is submitted relevant to the issues of nature protection and the environment in General. The Leninist principles of the state address issues of use and protection of natural resources is reflected in decrees of the government in acts of Soviet legislation, the decisions of the XXVII Congress of the CPSU.
Established Red data book of the USSR became the scientific basis for the development of integrated measures for the conservation of animals and plants under threat of extinction.
In many regions and republics of the country adopted resolutions prohibiting the collection and sale of flowering plants. Around many towns and urban-type settlements created the green zone, where it is forbidden to collect medicinal herbs.
In order to properly understand all the complex issues of nature conservation, need to cultivate ecological thinking, environmental awareness, which is the basis of human behavior in the nature. From childhood we need to cultivate a conscious and careful attitude to nature, love, kindness and respect to it.