Acropolicy abscess

Acropolicy abscess (synonym parapharyngeal abscess)- a limited collection of pus in okoloplodna space. Features okolorotova space (the location of the internal carotid artery, sublingual, wandering, language-pharyngeal, incremental nerves and internal jugular vein, and the message behind-pharyngeal space and the mediastinum by the middle of the slit neck) with suppurations it creates the risk of serious complications (bleeding, nerve damage and other). Acropolicy abscess may arise as a result of penetration virulent infection tonirovannym, odontogenic, otogenny in other ways. When okoloplodna abscess General condition of the patient serious, the temperature rises to 39 degrees and higher, sometimes chills, increases leukocytosis, accelerated ROHE, you may receive lockjaw (see). During the examination of the throat seen increasing and swelling of the tonsils, or sections of the side wall of the throat and swelling of the soft palate. Enlarged and painful regional lymph nodes, there is a very dense diffuse and painful swelling in the angle of the lower jaw on its edge, sometimes passing on the parotid gland.
Treatment okolorotova abscess surgery with concomitant administration of antibiotics and sulfonamides.