Oxaluria - increased allocation of urine and precipitation of crystals of calcium.
Oxaluria caused by a malfunction in the body of calcium metabolism. Oxaluria can cause renal colic (see Renal disease). In the treatment of oxaluria of food ration exclude sorrel, beans, cocoa, chocolate, strong tea; appoint vitamins A, B6, mineral water Yessentuki № 4.

Oxaluria (from the Greek. oxalis - sorrel and uron - urine) - allocation of calcium oxalate in the urine and loss century the precipitated crystals. Oxaluria occurs when a violation of mineral metabolism. Oxaluria, complicated by the formation of stones in the kidneys and ureters, often found in countries with hot climate. The content of calcium in the blood and urine when Acting increased. Increased allocation of calcium in the urine may depend on the lack of removing his intestines, enhanced absorption in blood. The precipitation of urine crystals is due, in particular, with a lack of magnesium. The definition of vitamin balance showed reduced when Acting content of vitamins a and B6.
In the pathogenesis of oxaluria is set alimentary factor. Eating foods containing oxalic acid (sorrel, rhubarb, beans, cocoa, chocolate, pepper, strong tea), enhances the deposition of salts in sediment urine.
Clinically oxaluria appears low back pain, often renal colic. Large concentrations of oxalate crystals in the kidneys can cause poor circulation with focal necrosis and phenomena jade. Follow-formation is often associated with violations of colloidal equilibrium caused by the products of inflammation in the supersaturated solution of urine. Neurological disorders are manifested by headache, neurosis.
In the treatment of oxaluria great importance of the event restorative nature. From food diet should avoid foods containing high mineral content of oxalic acid. Medication is prescribed vitamins a and B0, theobromine, sulphate of magnesia, magnesium carbonate. Reduces the content of oxalic acid in the blood and urine insulin-stimulating the liver, which is the destruction of oxalic acid. A favorable impact on the course of oxaluria has excessive drinking of mineral water containing salt bicarbonate of soda, hydrogen and others (Essentuki # 4, 17, 20; Smirnov's water, Jermuk and other). Recommended balneological treatment in the resorts Arzni, berezivski Mineral Waters, Darasun, Jermuk, Druskininkai, Zheleznovodsk, Kislovodsk, Essentuki, Isti-su, Pyatigorsk, Truskavets and other
The waters of these resorts have an impact on the active reaction of tissue environment and contribute to the restoration of impaired mineral metabolism; when mialgiah and pain rheumatic nature apply mineral baths and mud.