Fatty acids omega-3: benefits for the body

In recent years about the benefits of polyunsaturated fatty acids say quite often. Just found 10 of these compounds, but the greatest benefit, according to scientists, brings acid omega-3.

Acid omega-3: what is it?

In acid omega-3, there are several links connecting the carbon atoms, because it refers to polyunsaturated fatty acids. This is not a single substance, but a whole complex acids significantly different chemical properties. They differ also by the structure and effect on the body.


Be synthesized acid omega-3 in the body cannot, however, it is necessary for its normal functioning. Comes acid together with products that contain it. The most valuable sources of omega-3 include nuts, Flaxseed and canola oil, sea fish (mackerel, sturgeon, herring and cod-liver oil, wheat germ oil.

What are the benefits acid?

Fatty acid plays a role in strengthening cell membranes. The intake of omega-3 essential for the health of brain cells, the retina. It is useful to eat foods rich in polyunsaturated acids, men. The sperm they become more able to conceive. Thanks fatty acids the body is strengthened, increases immunity.

Of great importance acid omega-3 for normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. People who regularly include in your diet useful products, is less affected by the diseases of heart and vessels. The risk of developing serious diseases they have minimal. Also there have been positive changes in the health of hypertensive patients. The pressure they have normalized, decreases the risk of hypertensive crisis or stroke.

It is recommended to enrich your diet fatty acids those people who easily fall into depression, lack of attention, prone to nervous breakdowns. Substances improve the nervous system, helps to fight stress, increase endurance, improves attention and memory.

It is proved that the polyunsaturated fatty acid omega-3 is able to relieve the inflammation for joint problems (for example, at rheumatism, arthrosis or arthritis), eliminate the pain. Also participating acid in the solution of certain skin problems.

It is noticed that acid omega-3 is able to reduce harmful influence another useful acid. Food comes to body acid omega-6. It improves blood coagulation, strengthens the skin, reduces cholesterol in the blood. However, the accumulation of too much of this acid happen some violations in the body. For example, acid omega-6 makes the blood sticky, but too high degree of stickiness can trigger the formation of blood clots. This leads to the development of stroke or heart attack. To avoid this, the body should be enough acid omega-3, which will neutralize the negative influence of omega-6.

Performs acid omega-3 stockpiling and energy function. Accumulate in the body, it creates a reserve that will be used if necessary. Fatty acid is also a source of energy, while it does not affect weight change.

What is the harm of omega-3?

Polyunsaturated fatty acid in excessive flow in the body can harm him. It consists in the strong dilution of the blood, which can cause prolonged bleeding when receiving a slight injury or bleeding in the joints (hemarthrosis). People who use a lot of products with acid omega-3, will suffer low blood pressure.

How to take acid omega 3?

To avoid trouble with health, eat foods rich in acid omega-3, it is necessary in limited quantities. Sea fish enough to eat 2-3 times a week. To Supplement your diet can natural vegetable oils. Every day is to eat a few walnut kernels.

If necessary, you can take acid omega-3 in the form of ready biologically active additives. Capsules are made depending on the dosage and the age of the patient. Usually take drugs during meals. It improves the absorption of active ingredients.

What are the contraindications exist?

Not all patients can eat fatty acid. For some, it triggers an allergic reaction, for patients with allergies should be cautious to refer to products containing this substance. Also not recommended to drink acid in liver diseases and haemorrhagic syndrome.

Polyunsaturated fatty acid omega-3 is a valuable substance that can strengthen the body. The main thing is to use it regularly, and not to exceed the dosage. Only then people will feel healthy and strong.