Onanism, or Masturbation, called mechanical stimulation of the genital organs until sense of sweetness, which upon reaching puberty is accompanied boys emission of seed. Along with distinguish physical and mental Masturbation. The first is due to the direct irritation of the penis boy or external genitalia in girls, and the second - voluptuous erotic fantasies. Often combined Masturbation, when children cause genital irritation simultaneously with performances of a sexual nature.
Among preschool and primary school meets reflex Masturbation caused by negligent hygienic content of the sexual parts of a child, resulting in them there is the itch that children tend to be removed by brushing the genitals and get used to manipulate, and the feeling of erotic sensation.
Such unconscious Masturbation differs Masturbation teen, young men and women caused by stress in the genital area, the erection of the genital organs, coming as a result of their overflow blood, and as a result of mental sexual excitation. In such cases an impulse comes to artificial genital irritation up to the genital discharge, or orgasm.
Students younger Masturbation is of short duration, however, as the frequency and amplification of spontaneous erections boys and approximation of first menstruation in girls, it can be fixed for a long time as harmful, sometimes haunting, the habit. Parents need to take into account physiological features of a children 8-12 years, to alert them early awakening of sexual desire.
Healthy social conditions, sense of community and camaraderie, the prohibition of pornographic publications, mass physical training and sports activities are beneficial to the harmonic development of personality prevents early awakening sexual feelings, so in most cases our children free from evil and bad habits.
The literature provides many examples of widespread Masturbation bad influence comrades and natural for children to follow, often without sufficient critical assessment performed from the point of view of morality.
To predisposing factors contributing to the emergence of child Masturbation, should include various skin diseases, accompanied by itching, worm infestation, inflammatory changes in the reproductive organs (especially the inflammation of the foreskin and the mucous membrane of the vagina). Irritation of the urinary tract occurs and in connection with an increased blood flow to the pelvic organs. Contribute to constipation, abundant food for the night, excessive fluid intake, spicy dishes, as well as tight annoying clothes.
Why we focus so much on the description of the reasons and essence Masturbation exactly at younger school age? Such situation is explained by several factors. If at preschool age analiticheskie actions are unconscious nature, in the period of the beginning of the hormonal activity of these actions are becoming more aware and hidden. Not stopped in time pathological habit with increasing sexual desire in young adulthood may become so strong and Intrusive as to cope with it, even with the help of the doctor, it is not always possible.
Especially the adverse effects analiticheskih acts recorded in the period before puberty (i.e., elementary school age), when the neuro-sex centers only beginning to take shape and have increased vulnerability. If at first the habit of Masturbation are very easy to solve educational measures, by the authority of parents and elders, with the passage of time its elimination will involve much more complex and most importantly will have adverse effects on the nervous system and sexual function.
What are the negative effects of Masturbation on the psyche and sexual function? So far in literature there are biased coverage of the issue: some authors completely deny the harmful consequences and even consider Masturbation in children a good prognostic sign at definition of sexual ability men; others, exaggerating its consequences, have resorted to intimidation children than inflict mental trauma, memorable for many years.
Parents should know that reasonable Masturbation does not have such a harmful effect, as sometimes say and write. However, started in the early school years, in the period of hormonal rest or in the beginning of puberty, Masturbation, often practiced for many years, causes changes in the mental sphere of the child, in its fledgling spinal sexual centres and bodies.
Under the influence analiticheskih frills, children develop a weakened will aspirations and depressed mood, headache, dizziness, noise in the ears, weakness, lethargy; tends to hypochondriac reactions in the form of complaints from the gastrointestinal tract, heart, organs of vision, hearing. Especially frequent complaints from the side of the genital organs. Children become indecisive, shy, timid, they shy stay in the society, preferring solitude.
Artificial genital irritation practiced for a long time, causes congestive plethora. It promotes the development of inflammatory changes in the prostate gland, seminal mound and the posterior part of the urethra.
The inflammatory process reflex supports neuro-sex centers laid down in the spinal cord, in the state of abnormally long periods of sexual overstimulation, followed by their attenuation. Because analiticheskom the act of sexual satisfaction is achieved by local irritation, without psychogenic impact erotica existing stressors, the voltage of a member, and later ejaculation is achieved by over-stimulating the sexual centers of the spinal cord. Accessibility and the possibility of prolonged and repeated analiticheskih action with the weakening of erection functions lead spinal centers to further depletion, which further predisposes to the development of early sexual weakness.
Of the undesirable consequences of prolonged Masturbation, which over the years have girls, we can mention the plethora of genitals, increased irritability, sexual indifference.