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Masturbation (or Masturbation) is an artificial genital irritation or the human psyche itself without sexual intercourse to cause voluptuous sensation of orgasm, and men and ejaculation. In other words, this sexual excitation without the involvement of another person regardless of gender*.
To masturbate more often due to the inability to satisfy the libido naturally. Avenirovna is normally produced by the subject alone, that is a phenomenon of autoerotisme (sexual gratification).
The most common form of Masturbation should be considered Masturbation a physical or mechanical. But besides this there Masturbation "mental", "mental" or abstract Masturbation, when the orgasm is caused by the excitation of the psyche: looking erotic pictures or photos, Nude sculptures in museums, reading erotic literature, and using the imagination about sexual experiences, mental intercourse with special sexes (mental coitus), etc.
Mental Masturbation is very rare and occurs commonly in neurotics. This option is Masturbation harmful at any age. Most often mixed type of Masturbation, when physical Masturbation combined with the psychic.
All researchers of the issue say about wide distribution of Masturbation as in ancient times, and in later centuries and nowadays.
Masturbation is quite widespread among school-age adolescents, and it is more common in boys than in girls; among adults more often in men than in women. In boys, spoiled rich food and sloth, Masturbation is spread much more than those employed tense mental and physical labor. The largest percentage engaged in Masturbation falls on the age of puberty (from 13 to 20 years). Masturbation is usually terminated with the entry of a person into a normal sex life, men are about to 25 years.
What are the causes of Masturbation? The main cause of Masturbation, the great biologist I. I. Mechnikov believed disharmony of human nature, which consists in the premature development and revival of sexual desire.
"Sexual excitation - wrote Century M. Bekhterev,- can exist in children long before the period of puberty. This includes early childhood Masturbation and well-known children's "adoration", which is not devoid of a sexual nature, and therefore not without reason may be called loving adoration. It can be likened to what we know in adults called Platonic love, which does not allow physical connection, and, undoubtedly, accompanied by appropriate sexual arousal"**.
In early awakening sexual feelings considerable role is played by the condition of the nervous system. Children with hereditary defective nervous system easily succumb to the temptation of Masturbation. They onanerat more often than other children, because they have the heart erections, like other nerve centers, value irritable, easily excitable, and it is often very early manifests in painful erections that suggests adolescent Masturbation.

* Its name Masturbation received on behalf of the biblical Onan (son of Judah, and Shua). Legend has it that the father of Onan invited him to live with the widow of a brother of Tamar and be with her children. But for Onan was uncomfortable. And he (according to the Bible), not to have children from a daughter-in-law, artificially provoked his penis and "spilled his seed on the ground." But most likely Onan used interrupted sexual intercourse.
** C. M. Bekhterev. Sexual activity from the point of view of reflexology, century in the collection "the Gender question in the light of scientific knowledge", 1926, M-L., S. 165.