Oneiroid (oneyroidno syndrome) - dream, fantastic-nothing dizziness. This disorder appears influx involuntarily arise in the mind bright and fantastic views (of dreams)that you fully master the sick, and he does not notice the surrounding, intricately combined with perceived individual paintings of the environment. Permanent catatonic disorder (see Catatonic syndrome). Patients usually silent, inactive, almost motionless, with a frozen expression, and only glance in which there is alternately delight, detachment, fear or inward-looking amazement, shows that in their minds there is something unusual. Later, by no longer psychosis, patients are telling us that in this state of immobility they were protagonists of various fantastic events of the past or the present, perform dangerous, full of adventure travel to other continents or the planet, has witnessed a nuclear war, the destruction of the world and so on, In some cases, these stories fragmentary, others present a coherent narrative. Often by no longer delirium or oneiroid patients remains firm conviction that all that happened to them during the period of disordered consciousness, it was in reality - residual nonsense. More residual nonsense disappears after days, weeks, month; less often, for example when epilepsy, may persist for long periods.