Oncocytoma (from the Greek. onkos - inflation, swelling and kytos - cell; synonym: oncologycal adenoma, oxytelinae grainy adenoma, adenoma of cells Hurtle) - benign tumors of epithelial cells that have lost their morphological and functional organosilicate. Oncocytoma is found in the thyroid, parathyroid, tearful, parotid glands, kidneys, mostly women. Oncocytoma is a host of gray or gray-yellow color, limited capsule up to 12-15 cm in diameter. Built from so-called oncocyte large light cells with homogeneous eosinophilic or fine cytoplasm, rich type substances lipoprotein; Ecocity considered as cells with deep dystrophic changes. Histogenesis O. unclear. The emergence of O. often preceded by pathological processes (nodal Struma, inflammation). O. endocrine gland hormonal inactive. Surgical treatment. Despite the benignity, oncocytoma sometimes recur. Known individual cases of malignant O.