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In normal conditions, the effect of growth and differentsirovaniya factors finely coordinated. Stimulation can be replaced braking. When cancer this coordination is violated, as the cells under the influence of oncogenes developing their own growth factors, and the need to obtain them from the outside is broken.
Biology Professor Leo Sachs drew attention to the other side of the sensitivity of tumour cells to differentsirovaniya signals. It is known that malignant transformation leads to simplification of cellular organization: the less differentiated cells, zlokacestvennoe tumors. However, the scientist showed that not all cell tumors lose sensitivity to factors of differentiation. Thus, among the suspension of leukemia cells are those who have lost their sensitivity to factors of differentiation (-D) and saved her (is IT). With the help of immune serum against leukemia cells can be selectively kill the first type of tumor elements, but to save and to breed normal population + D cells. Relevant is getting differentsirovaniya factors in the quantities needed, for example through biotechnology.
The ability to react to any biological agent or develop it depends on different genes. What cell tumors lose the ability to produce differentsirovaniya factors, but not lose the ability to react to them, may be somewhat saving. In experiments Sachs selective breeding leukemic +Dr cells was achieved by small doses of radiation and chemotherapy, usually in oncological practice, the introduction of insulin and some steroid hormones, bacterial preparations and PHA. These nonspecific stimulants acted on their own or in combination with factors of differentiation. There was even the suggestion that the election reproduction + Dr tumor cells is associated with activation antioncogene factors present in the tumor at any stage of its development. Reverse tumors is not due to the transformation of oncogenes in antioncogenes, and increased cell proliferation, giving healthy offspring.
In this connection, it is a natural assumption about the possible education outside the body's own killer lymphocytes against +D cell tumors (though perhaps it and act lymphocytes are activated PHA or IL-2) or received against them monoclonal antibodies. From these positions became interesting to analyze the known phenomena reverse tumor development in the experiment: sexually transmitted sarcoma in dogs, occasionally regressing tumors of the brown-Pier with high malignant potential in rabbits, rivers of breast cancer in fostering the offspring of mice. It can be reminded that Beatrice Mintz (USA) cores malignant cells were fertilized egg, which after replanting "adoptive mother" give birth to healthy offspring.
People have also known a few cases of spontaneous healing from cancer, collected in an interesting book "Spontaneous regression of tumors" So Everson Century and Cole. Described cases rivers of kidney cancer, melanoma, neuroblastoma. Japanese oncologist Muri described 153 medical confirmed cases of "self-healing" of oncological patients after ineradicable performed surgical interventions, or both infectious diseases. Although in such cases it is possible to speak about reverse tumor development process, we still cannot exclude the fact that it was not spontaneous, but was the result of activation of the immune system.