Heart surgery

  • An approximate complex of therapeutic exercises for patients after commissurotomy
  • As already mentioned, surgical treatment is applied in rheumatic heart diseases, e.g., stenosis of the left atrioventricular holes, and birth defects. In congenital malformations operations are performed, as a rule, the "dry" heart using apparatus artificial circulatory system.
    The condition of the patient suffering from this disease is determined by the degree of functional and organic lesions of the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous and other systems that substantially determines the postoperative period. The patient's condition and the type of surgery define and methods of medical physical culture before the operation. The tasks of medical physical culture in the preoperative period are:
    1) training the diaphragmatic breathing and training;
    2) improvement of the depth of breathing in combination with movements in the distal parts of the extremities;
    3) mastering of the methods of painless clearing needed immediately after the operation;
    4) mastering the exercises of the early postoperative period;
    5) improvement in the General tone of an organism, formation of confidence in the successful outcome of the operation.
    Depending on the patient's well-classes are conducted in the house and in the office of medical physical culture. Use the following forms: morning hygienic gymnastics, gymnastics and dosed walking. In the course of employment is strict control over the conformity of the load to the functional condition of the patient.
    In the early postoperative period breath patients, as a rule, very weakened, there are phenomena of hypoxia, a violation of self-cleaning drainage function of the lungs, which is exacerbated by the suppression kashlevogo reflex and congestion in the lungs.
    Therapeutic exercises in the absence of complications starts immediately after you Wake up sick from the anesthesia. He is offered every 30-60 run mainly diaphragmatic breathing, holding the wound by hand, in combination with the movements in small and middle joints of the extremities. After 2 or 3 repetitions should cough for removal of mucus.
    Then 2-3 times is an exercise in inflating rubber toys or cameras. In General lesson lasts for 3 to 5 min 6-8 times a day. The following day to make massage of the back, upper and lower extremities. With good endurance of the load on the 2nd day of the patient can be put on a functional or regular bed so that there was no undue stress. With 3-4-day half load perform in the original sitting position, her legs off the bed. With the 6-7th day are allowed to sit on a chair and some exercises to do while sitting. With the help of a practitioner to stand for 1 - 2 minutes Sessions should take place under control, taking into account the reaction of pulse, blood pressure, breathing on the load and the time of recovery after exercise. In the following days, therapeutic exercises can match such operations on the lungs.
    Accordingly functional state extends motor mode.