Operations in abscesses of the cerebellum

At metastatic abscesses neurogennogo of origin, which often diagnosed as a tumor, widely opened the posterior cranial fossa and remove the abscess along with capsule without breaking up. It prevents infection with the subarachnoid space. After removal of the abscess soft tissues, except Dura, tightly sewn. During pre - and postoperative period are shown energetic antibacterial treatment.
When otogenny abscesses some neurosurgeons recommend to expose the cerebellum typical accesses through uninfected region; the majority of teatrov and many neurosurgeons consider expedient puncture or drainage of the abscess through the cavity operating ear wounds. Making simple or radical surgery on the middle ear (see Mastoiditis), reveal the Dura mater of the posterior cranial fossa in the field of a front-side surface of the cerebellum, where the abscess is localized often. Puncture of the cerebellum is done usually at a depth of 2-3 cm in front of sine, in the direction of the posterior and medial. If an abscess is not identified, repeated puncture do posterior to the sine; obliterative sisustamise after removal of the outer wall of the sinus and clot - through the inner wall of the sinus. If the puncture is not reveal abscess, then later after increasing purulent cavities and bringing it closer to the meninges often successful re-puncture. After the detection of cancer treatment is repeated otsenivaniya pus with the introduction in the abscess cavity solutions penicillin and streptomycin or the opening of abscess with the introduction of its cavity rubber graduate. Sometimes initially, apply the treatment of punctures; and in case of failure - drainage.