Operations in the cerebellum injury

When the epidural hematoma shown urgent operation, which consists in removing the scales of the occipital bone, sometimes bow Atlanta and emptying cavity hematoma. If the condition of the patient on the operating table was not satisfactory and identifies significantly expressed stem the symptoms be expedient to disclose Dura over the cerebellar hemispheres and in the occipital area of the tank to reduce pressure within the posterior cranial fossa. If the cerebellum major focal hematoma shown emergency surgery, which is to remove the lower divisions scales occipital bone and shackle Atlanta with the opening of Dura and removing focus of hemorrhagic softening of the cerebellum; the focus may be relatively small, but cause significant perifocal edema. Even if hemorrhagic lesion in depth, M. and will not be revealed, the operation of decompression of the posterior cranial fossa can sometimes contribute to a recovery in connection with the disappearance of the compression in the medulla oblongata.