Surgical dressing unit

Surgical dressing unit - complex divisions of the medical institution intended for the preparation and conduct of operations, dressings, blending plaster bandages. In most cases, surgical dressing unit includes the following different layout and organization of work of Department: operational unit, financial bathroom, sterilization, dressings (clean and purulent).
The operational block usually consists of preoperative and operating; in large hospitals it can have additional premises: anesthetic, hardware, Protocol, staff room, bathroom, shower room, pre-and post-operative ward. The operational unit can be separate for each of the surgical Department, but more economical centralized the operational unit for all surgical departments of this hospital. Have it at the top floor of the building or in the annexe, which is adjacent to the surgical case.
Software upgrades in the operating theatre is its isolation from the other premises of the hospital, creating a separate inputs for staff through gateways with full dressing up for special facilities, as well as systematic sterilization of air, walls and equipment. Needed for operating purulent operations, isolated from the rest of the operating unit, which are included in its "sterile area".operating

Fig. 1. General view of operating.

Preoperative is designed to prepare the hands of personnel involved in the operation. Here undress patients before surgery. Preoperative often serves multiple operating. It should be equipped with washbasins with hot and cold water and basins for treatment of hand. The necessary vessel with sterile brushes and Bix with sterile wipes for hand washing, dressing forceps for their filling the vessel for brushes used. In the preoperative are boilers for emergency, and sometimes and for the sterilization of instruments. Sometimes here, in a closet or on the table are stored in drums with sterile dressing material, bedding, sets for injections and medicines necessary for the operations.
The main premise of the operational unit is operating (Fig. 1). It is intended for carrying out surgical interventions. The desired size operating in the General surgical departments 30X40 m, special - 56X60 M. the Walls and floor it is better to cover operating easy-to-clean floors. On the floor of the necessary flow of water flowing down when washing the walls and floor. The best orientation of the Windows operating in the North-West. Maybe the device is operating in the center of the building only with artificial lighting and a flow of conditioned air. More common light operating with shutters on the Windows. To demonstrate operations doctors and students arrange operating with a glass dome.
Lighting operating during the operation, mostly artificial. Shadowless lamp hung over the operating table, sometimes use additional mobile lamp. Illumination of the surgical field must be between 3000-5000 LK. The required emergency lighting system (mobile lamp with battery-powered). In the operating room must be maintained at a constant temperature of 22 degrees. This is best achieved by the air conditioning. Heating is operating heating systems installed in the wall. The presence of radiators in the operating undesirable, as they contribute to the accumulation and movement of dust in the air.
Equipment operating: operating table, table and movable tables for instrumentation, suture material and medicines, stools or chairs with rotating seat, basins used for dressing material, drums with linen and bandages on stands and special equipment: anesthesia apparatus, electro-knife, diathermocoagulator, electric pump, etc. To enhance the conservation of aseptic conditions in the operating avoid cluttering it a lot of equipment. In some cases, allocate special room - hardware (see below). To the operating table down the vacuum system (for sucking the blood and so on), oxygen and nitrous oxide. In order to avoid the accumulation of static electricity (danger of explosion) operating table, anesthesia apparatus and other equipment operating satelayt.
  • The contents of the operating anesthesia hardware sterilization material room
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