Operational field

Operational field - the area of the body, within which is surgical intervention. Before the surgery, the skin of the surgical field requires careful planning; on the surface and in the depth of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles always contain germs which the contribution to the operating wound can lead to suppuration. Before any operation required hygienic bath or shower, change of linen. During operations on the extremities in case of severe pollution need a second leg or hand baths. During emergency operations, you can make a partial sanitation and washing the skin of the operative field with petrol or with a solution of ammonia (0,25-0,5%). On the day of surgery is necessary to shave the hair in the area of operational fields and neighboring areas of the body. Shaving should be applied sharp razor, does not cause skin irritation. To make shaving before the operation it is impossible, as may be infected small cut in the skin.
Immediately before surgery, mechanically cleaned and degreased skin operative field, rubbing it in 1-2 minutes gasoline or ether; then treated skin with alcohol and twice grease 5% alcoholic iodine solution. This causes seal (tanning) skin and prevents the admission of microbes, from the depths into the operating wound. The skin is particularly sensitive areas of the body (neck, groin, genitals) grease 5% alcoholic iodine solution, diluted with alcohol in half. The high sensitivity of the skin to iodine patient, and patients after radiation therapy skin treatment of the operative field produce 5% alcoholic solution of tannin, 1% alcohol solution brilliant green, 96% of wine alcohol. Regardless of the applied solution skin treatment of the operative field is from the line of the proposed cut to the periphery. After the treatment of the operative field delimit from the surrounding skin, closing her sterile sheets or towels, and after the incision napkins also protects the tissue wounds and organs (stomach, intestines) from contact with the edges of the incision of the skin. At transition from one stage of the operation to another sheets and napkins, demarcates the operational field, change the skin re-treated with 5% alcoholic iodine solution, alcohol or other solution.
Cm. also surgery.

Operational field - the area of the body, within which is surgical intervention.
Operational field requires special training, as its pollution threatens suppuration. Preparation O. p. is based on the same principles of mechanical cleaning, disinfection and tanned as the treatment arms (see). Sometimes training O. p. begin well in advance of surgery. When folliculitis and abrasions appoint ultraviolet irradiation, systematic hygienic bath, vitamins, autohemotherapy. When fistula skin in the region O. p. grease paste Lassara or a strong solution of potassium permanganate. Before plastic surgery training O. p. especially careful; it includes, in addition to daily baths, alcohol dressing.
Before a planned operation sick the night before he takes a bath or shower, change underwear. If the patient's condition does not allow to take a bath or shower, body wipe a damp towel. For 1-1,5 hours before the operation O. p. shave without water and soap, Shaving before surgery contraindicated because of the possibility of infection caused during shaving nicks and cuts.
Used for processing operating fields substances must not damage the skin, to spoil linen and instruments. The most popular method of Philonchikova - Grassia two - time lubrication O. p. 10%iodine alcohol solution. To avoid burns, often used 5% tincture of iodine or after greasing 10% tincture O. p. alcohol wipe. It is dangerous to grease iodine folds and those areas where the skin is thin and tender. Contraindicated lubrication iodine O. p. after preoperative radiotherapy or hypersensitivity to it. There are other methods to disinfect O. p. method Spasokukotskogo - Kochergina O. p. 2 times wipe with a cotton or gauze ball dipped 0.5% solution of ammonia, then sterile cloth wipe dry and tan 96 grades alcohol, 5% solution of picric acid, 5% solution of chromic acid 2% solution of tannin and other bone operations requiring special upgrades, some surgeons lubricate the skin O. p. kleola and stick with one layer of gauze; an incision is made in gauze. During emergency operations, particularly regarding the production or street injuries, O. p. repeatedly rubbed petrol, ether, or 0.5% solution of liquid ammonia.
Regardless of the method of treatment of the operative field is of the cut line to the periphery; if O. p. there is a purulent wound or fistula, in the opposite direction. Fistulous hole or the wound covered with a cloth or stick with kleola. The treated area of the skin should significantly exceed the size of O. p. After processing O. p. obkladyvajut sterile sheets, which strengthen the special clamps.
At transition from one stage of the operation to another linen and cloth covering O. p., change and the skin repeatedly smeared with iodine and alcohol. For the prevention of pollution O. p. during the operation, his skin after the treatment you can cover waterproof tape, (for example, glue BF-6). Incision and stitches produce this film.
Lighting of the operative field is shadowless lamps so that the light was uniform and did not distort the true dyeing. For enhanced lighting certain sections p. O. use the side, portable or frontal lamp. The lamps can be mounted bactericidal lamps.