The operation restores vision

An important section of neurosurgery is the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the brain and its meninges. Will tell about one of them.
It is difficult to find a person who has not had the flu. The disease usually ends quite well. But in some cases, fortunately very rare, after influenza develop serious complications. For example, sometimes the infection penetrates into the arachnoid membrane base of the brain and causes severe inflammatory process. And deep beneath the frontal lobes of the brain are the optic nerves. Thick rough adhesions formed as a result of inflammation, like clutch, envelop tender optic nerves, squeeze them, break their blood supply. People quickly and inevitably loses sight.
If drug treatment and first of all the use of antibiotics (penicillin, streptomycin, biomitsin and others) has no effect, then such a patient can only help neurosurgeon.
Making trepanation hole in the frontal area, the surgeon gently pushes the frontal lobe of the brain and gets to the optic nerves and their intersection. Adhesions and growths of compressing the nerves, carefully remove the special tools.
After surgery one week passed, then another. And the patient who before the operation was only a fraction of the normal visual acuity, is becoming better and better to distinguish from the surrounding objects. But after 2-3 months, he can read Newspapers and books.
The function of the optic nerves, consisting of millions subtle nervous fibres recovered.

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