Description socialogically paintings. Smilovichski analysis requires in-depth knowledge not only of Scialoia, but normal and pathological rentgenografii and rentgenofazovogo, including age, gender, and constitutional, since the main task in a systematic sequential description of the shadow of the peculiarities of the x-ray image is a clear distinction between norm and pathology. Giving each tenebrionini optical and geometric and physical characteristics, you obviously know exactly whether this tenebrioninae displaying normal or pathological substrate, i.e. to consider the possible diagnostic value.
All complex area of General and special physical examination is based on the peculiarities of the x-ray shadow display a large variety of pathological processes, so if socialogical the analysis and characterization of tenebrionini should consider the following main parameters: 1) the number (singular shadow or multiple shadows); 2) regulation (topographic characteristics); 3) geometric shape (spherical, circle, ribbon, landkarten and so on); 4) dimensions (preferably in measures of length: centimeters, millimeters, not in a figurative comparison with common items: coins of different denominations, fruit, grain, and so on); 5) density (no tactile, and x-ray optics), established by comparison with the standard anatomical landmarks (bone, soft tissue, seal or enlightenment on the background of the lung tissue and so on); you can also use the term "shadow metal, lime density"; 6) the character of the pattern if a shadow inhomogeneous (granular, porous, reticular, cellular, marble, small or krupnopanel and so on); 7) the contours (straight, wavy, zigzag, smooth, corroded, clear, blurry, and so on) and, finally, 8) mobility (normal, pathological, lack of mobility).
Smilovichski analysis should be comprehensive yet simple and easily understood, without the use of comparisons and terms that allow arbitrary or more different interpretations.