Opium (Opium; list a) - a dried on air latex soporific poppy. It contains alkaloids: morphine (see), codeine (see), papaverine (see) and other Drugs of the opium appointed as analgesic funds (see), and to reduce peristalsis of the bowel (at diarrheas non-toxic and non-infectious origin, with operations on the rectum). With long-term use of opium, you may experience painful addiction (see Drug abuse). The most frequently applied following drugs opium. Opium powder, Opium pulveratum, Pulvis Opii (list a); assign inside or suppositories to 0.01-0.03 g; higher doses: single 0.1 g daily 0.3 g Extract of opium dry, Extractum Opii siccum (list a); appoint powder and suppositories to 0.01-0.02 g; higher doses: single - 0.05 g daily - 0,15 g Tincture of opium simple, Tinctura Opii simplex (list a); assign inside on the 5-10 drops to accept; higher doses: single 0.5 ml (22 drops), the daily 1.25 ml (55 drops). Side effects are the same as morphine. Cm. also Omnopon.

Opium (Opium; synonym: Landanum, Meconium; list a) - a dried on air milky juice of the cuts on immature bolls soporific poppy. Contains about 20 alkaloids derived phenanthrene (see Codeine, Morphine) and of isoquinoline (see Papaverine). Pharmacological properties of opium is almost entirely determined by the morphine content in the Acting is on average 10%. The effect of Acting against bowel is bolstered by the presence of isoquinoline alkaloids, lowers tone smooth muscles and reduce peristalsis.
Opium preparations. 1. Powder O. (Opium pulveratum, s. purum). The highest single dose of 0.1 g daily 0.3 g 2. The dry extract of O. (Extractum Opii siccum) contains up to 20% of morphine. The highest single dose - 0.05 g daily 0.15 in year 3. Tincture O. simple (Tinctura Opii simplex) contains 1% of morphine. The highest single dose - 22 drops, daily - 55 drops. Opium preparations applied orally and rectally to reduce peristalsis in some types of diarrhea, bowel damage, peritonitis, and as an analgesic funds. Includes a small extent, part of the combined antitussive, salt drugs (tovarov powder, poppy-tincture of benzoin, paregoric, pektol). Cm. also Analgeticheskoe funds, Omnopon.