Methods of treatment of tumors

The main methods of treatment of tumors, surgical, radiation, and drugs.
In some cases it is necessary to resort to a combination of methods. In the treatment of some cancers, such as tumors of the thyroid gland, use of radioactive substances - isotopes.
Drug treatment of tumors includes the use of hormones, antibiotics, antimetabolites, alkylating drugs and other chemotherapeutic agents. Antineoplastic agents (see) is used for certain types of tumors and mainly with chlamydia and chronic leukemia. Sarkolizin effective in seminoma of the testis, multiple myeloma and bone tumors Ewing; Oman - in the form of ointment for skin cancer. Widely used cyclophosphamide (Endoxan) and Thiotepa. Recently, great successes have been obtained in treatment of horionepitelioma (see) by a combination of methotrexate, 6-mercaptopurine, aminopterin and antibiotic type of actinomycin (for example, actinomycin D or domestic antibiotic - chrysomelina).
Hormone therapy is widely used in the treatment of prostate cancer and breast cancer, sometimes in combination with the surgical removal of the sex glands.
The high frequency of tumors, the severity of the disease and the need to apply to study, recognition, treatment and prevention of the whole complex of methods and activities led to the need organization of special Oncology services.
In USSR there was created an extensive network of oncological dispensaries (see Dispensary), which together with the Oncology departments and offices, hospitals and clinics provide treatment and clinical examination of patients. Development of methods for the study, prevention and treatment of tumors occur in some cancer research institutes, which are both for clinical and experimental research. Oncological institutions keep records of cancer patients, study the efficacy of treatment of different forms of tumors by different methods.