Ptosis and prolapse of the uterus

The omission is called the displacement of the uterus in the axis of the pelvis down. If the uterus is offset below its normal level, not leaving, however, beyond the genital slit, then we're talking about a dropped uterus (descensus uteri); if it is so biased that lies outside of the genital slit, then talk about the loss of her (prolapsus uteri); if the speaker of the genital slit only the cervix, then we are dealing with partial loss of the uterus (prolapsus uteri partialis); if it is in its entirety, then we speak of a complete loss (prolapsus uteri totalis).
If during childbirth tissue that make up the pelvic floor muscles, torn or their functional failure occurs in nagaragawa as a result of repeated peristiani, mutual balance of abdominal cavity organs, due to the combined activity of the muscles of the diaphragm, abdominal and pelvic floor, disturbed, and create conditions for the displacement of the pelvic organs.
Breaks crotch, if they were not timely protection, can be the reason for the omission and the loss of the sexual organs. Prolapse of the vaginal walls usually develops in the following sequence: first starts to fall front wall of the vagina, lost its natural support due to the gap muscles of the perineum. Down the wall of the vagina carries the wall of the bladder.
If you have the hyperextension or divergence gallbladder-vaginal muscular-fascial septum, the wall of the bladder protrudes so that forms the rupture of the bladder (cystocele).
The front wall of the vagina, gradually falling, begins to pull a vaginal portion of the cervix, which as a consequence is moved to the front. The movement of the cervix forward does not remain without impact on the position of the uterus, which according to the law of the lever backwards, - there is netraverse of the uterus. With the uterus change position of the broad ligament, which leads to the compression of the veins and the formation of venous blood congestion. Established due to the above, the blood circulation in the pelvis causes the uterus swells and becomes more severe. Pain and whites, as well as irregular periods. After this the uterus from the state of retroversion status for retroversion-retroflexion and also starts to fall.
Finally, the last phase occurs (on the soil break the perineum) loss thrown back of the uterus, which objectively shows that lowering the uterus begins to act outside the entrance to the vagina. Sometimes there appear only vaginal part of cervix (especially older women). It depends on what the neck, stripped of muscles due senile atrophy and dragged descending walls of the vagina, is extended to length so that is outside the entrance to the vagina.
The lowering of the rear wall of the vagina and the loss of the rectal wall depends on the degree of destruction vaginal-pryamokishechnye partitions and muscle strain.
The fiber that connects the back wall of the vagina, rectum, seems to be more loose, allowing the rectum is rarely accompanied by drop down the back wall of the vagina, but if there is a substantial omission of the lower part of the rectum still goes along with the vaginal wall (rectocele). If the uterus is held ligaments in his position, loose vagina pulls the neck up until ligaments of the uterus does not weaken and body of the uterus will not fall; in some cases, lowering the walls of the vagina so pull the cervix that it extends in two and even three times (elongatio colli uteri).
It should be noted, however, that the omission and the loss of the genital organs are not always going in the same sequence, as described above, and may be a delay of one or another stage of its development.