Essentiale sockets

Essentiale the eye - surgery delete the contents of sockets. Essentiale sockets shown in malignant tumors of the eye or the eyeball in the case of tumor invasion through the sclera. The operation is done under local anesthesia or General anesthesia. A cut with a scalpel make on the edge of the orbit through the skin to the bone (surgery with removal of age) or after dissection of outer spikes century (operation with preservation of age) through the conjunctiva, the soft tissues, the periosteum on bone edge of the eye socket. Respetaron separate the periosteum to the top of the socket, where the cut optic nerve, after which the contents of the eye removed. The healing of wounds goes by granulations and time consuming. In the postoperative period (in 1-2 weeks) in cases of malignant tumors start a course of radiation therapy.

Essentiale sockets (lat. exenterare - remove the innards) is an operation to remove content orbit in malignant tumors of its (primary and secondary, germinating in the orbit of the subordinate system, the eyeball and sinuses). The most widely subperiosteal Essentiale of orbit.
With the defeat of the eyelids and conjunctiva produce circular cross-section on the orbital edge to the bone; the periosteum usepreview from the walls of the orbit to its peak, tightening for the seams, previously imposed on the eyelids, cross muscle-nerve bundle at the top and the contents of the eye is removed, the stump to sear electrocoagulator. Produce a revision of bone wall, hemostasis; injected into the cavity wax swab for 3-4 days, apply a pressure bandage. Granulating wound surface after essentialy sockets slow.
The second variant of Essentiale sockets shown in the cases, when the skin of the eyelids is not affected and there is a possibility to preserve it; the profile of this is produced by the method P. M. Kuryshkina (see Kronlein operation). The operation continues, as in the subperiosteal essentialy of orbit. Saved leather is used for plastics naked bone wall sockets.
In the third variant of Essentiale sockets make the cut outer spikes eyelids and conjunctiva eyeball on the horizontal Meridian, top and bottom sheets of the conjunctiva usepreview to the arches; at the end of essentialy the eye stitched to skin and conjunctiva; obligatory introduction turunda. Operation should be under General anesthesia.
Heavy cosmetic defect in the postoperative period dictates the necessity of plastic closure of the defect by S. S. Golovin) in the first scenario. The second and third variants of Essentiale sockets provide an opportunity of formation of a cavity for wearing a prosthesis. For this purpose, use transplant temporal muscle through artificial defect in the outer wall of the orbit with podseleniem muscles to the periosteum of the orbital region.